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Obedience Brings the Blessing by Keith Butler


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Today's featured devotional...
Did you ever notice that most people don't seem to have a problem with keeping the laws of the land? We try to keep the speed limit for the most part, and do the things we are supposed to do in order to maintain peace.

These laws cost you something—meaning finances if you break them. There is a price to pay. It's easy to understand this kind of law.

Obeying natural laws that govern our body are more difficult to keep. The result of disregarding our health and eating foolishly isn't seen right away. It takes a little time for bad eating habits and lack of exercise to catch up with us, but the cost of breaking these natural laws are higher than paying a fine or ticket.

There is no quick bail out for a heart attack or other health problems. There is a risk for any law that is broken.

The hardest laws for some to keep are the spiritual laws of God, which is the real foundation of good health. The cost of not obeying spiritual laws is eternal, and these laws affect all laws.
For you are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.
(1 Cor. 6:20)
When we become born again our body no longer is ours. There is a cost God said; Jesus paid the price for us when He died on the cross. The cost was charged to Jesus when He gave His life for us so that we could have eternal life. The price Jesus paid was enough to cover all sickness and disease for eternity.

Ownership of our temporary mortal bodies was exchanged for an eternal life in Heaven. We need to maintain our body for the new owner, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Our body now houses a permanent guest in the Holy Spirit. I think we forget that.
But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His. And if Christ be in you, the body is dead, because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of Righteousness.
(Rom. 8:9-10)
Not only do we need to eat well, but we need to take care of the soul, which is our mind. What do you watch or listen to daily? What type of things do you let into your mind? The Word of God tells us that the things we let enter our ears and eyes will eventually come out of our mouth.

If you are watching or listening to things that dishonor God, you are doing major spiritual damage. The result will be physical problems in your body or mind, which affect other areas of your life.

Get back into shape this year by learning to say no to the flesh and yes to the Spirit of God. Put down the second donut, don't order the extra large sizes, forget having bread with every meal and avoid those high fructose products (it's in more things than you can imagine) that may put fat on you.

Go outside and do some yard work. Start with small sections and don't overdo it. You're more likely to quit doing it each day if it becomes too much of a chore. Think of this time as time a special time with God and His beauty.

We have to obey natural laws that God set in motion in order to be healthy. Apply the natural and spiritual laws and you will learn how to live healthy.

The benefits of obeying the laws will give you health, but the best things you will gain are a closer relationship with God, and you will discover that you are growing in faith. You will have a better understanding of God, His love and His ways.

The cost of not obeying these laws is far greater than we could know, but praise God, we have a choice! Ask yourself this question: Is what I am doing with my health and life worth Jesus dying on the cross?

Protect your health by obeying God. Be kinder to yourself because you house God the Spirit! God loves you so much. Do you love Him enough to do something about your health?

Source: The Cost of Breaking the Law by Cher Wandell
Excerpt permission granted by
Shield of Faith Family & Youth Ministries

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