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Every year on the same weekend in June, I attend a ladies' meeting in Paynesville, Minnesota. I've only missed three meetings since it started in 1980. I was called of God and separated to the ministry in one of those Paynesville meetings. It was the first time I ever saw the glory of God.

I go to that meeting every year not because it's a ladies' meeting, but because God has never failed to meet me there. Every time I attend, I can always sense the presence of the Lord moving upon me strongly during the service.

Caught Up in the Spirit
A few years ago, I had an especially remarkable encounter with God during one of these meetings. The way it came about was so wonderful, and I haven't been the same since.

I'll never forget how it happened. When the service first began, I was a little distracted. I just couldn't seem to settle down.

But I've found the Lord knows exactly what to do to settle us down and get our attention when He wants to talk to us! That night He got my attention when I recalled in my heart words I'd heard Dr. Oral Roberts speak:

The power of God would fall in his meeting, and everyone there who was physically handicapped, blind or maimed would be totally healed. Brother Roberts talked about one particular night when he was ministering to people in the healing line through the laying on of hands.

He said, "I could feel the touch of God on me, making me very aware of His presence. It was similar to a wind. But suddenly it was as if I was hit with that power. It hit me so hard that it made me call out, 'It's come! It's come! He's here!'"

When he said that, people from all over the building jumped out of their wheelchairs. People who were on crutches were totally healed. Blind eyes were opened. For the next twelve minutes, every sick or injured person in that place was totally and completely healed and delivered! Brother Roberts said that the mound of discarded crutches, wheelchairs and braces in the back of the tent after the service looked like a mountain!

I'm ready for those kinds of supernatural occurrences to start happening all the time throughout the body of Christ! I love what God is doing all over this earth. But I'm not satisfied! God wants to invade this planet with His power and glory, and I want us to help Him do it!

Source: When God Invades The Earth by Lynne Hammond.
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers

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