We are living in difficult times. Unemployment is near an all time high, foreclosures are driving families out of their homes, and because of financial pressures, many marriages are at the breaking point. Today I talked with two pastors who were ready to leave the ministry because of pressure. This should not be.

In times of trouble, faith people should be standing stronger than ever. Let me explain.

During the day, it might be impossible to tell if a lamp is turned on or not. But in the darkness a lamp, regardless of its brightness, is easily seen. In these times of great darkness our light should actually seem brighter to the world than ever before, even if our light is of no greater intensity than it’s ever been.

In times of darkness, many are crying, “Lord, increase my faith.” Faith, standing in a world of doubt, should be easily seen. Our light should look brighter than ever. As darkness tries to come over the world, we should remember that our faith has already overcome it (1 John 5:4).

However, the darkness should make our faith look brighter even if we have no more faith than before. I encourage you to stand in faith and I admonish you to not focus on the doubt and darkness around you.

Remember this. Light always overpowers darkness. Darkness is governed by the light. Darkness only prevails when the light is extinguished and your light cannot be extinguished unless you allow it. You are the one who determines the intensity of your faith. You are the one who has access to the fuel (the Word of God) that feeds the faith in your life. There may be reasons why some doubt, but we have no excuses for allowing that doubt to overtake us.
So, mighty men and women of God, I want to encourage you with these words. Greater is He (the Light) that is in you, than he (the darkness) that is in the world. No weapon (of darkness) formed against you can prosper. You can do all things through Christ (the Light) who strengthens you. With God (the Light), nothing is impossible.

And because you are the light of the world (Matt. 5:14), you are victorious and darkness cannot rule over you.

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