For years I've said that suddenly is one of my favorite words in the Bible. I like excitement, and suddenly is sure more exciting than eventually, don't you think?

Regardless of how it appears, healing, for example, really does come suddenly. Again, consider salvation. Salvation doesn't take two years. It happens suddenly.

The Bible says that there are some who are saved as by fire (1 Cor. 3:15). In other words, they are about to bust hell wide open, but at the last minute they open their hearts to receive salvation, and wham! Suddenly the blood of Jesus gushes in and redeems them!

Suddenly they are stolen from the hand of the enemy and reborn as children of God! At the very last moment, they call on the name of Jesus, sidestep the heat of hell and are ushered into the kingdom of heaven! Whew! That's what you call a close call!

Thank God that His blood can redeem even until the last millisecond of a person's life. Healing isn't much different when it comes to making that connection with God.

The Word Stimulates Faith, And Faith Activates Power!
There is a connection that takes place when the Word of God stimulates the measure of faith inside of you. The Word of God is alive. It is living and active (Heb. 4:12). And the faith you have inside of you was given to you by the living God who inspired the Scriptures we have today.

When you connect the measure of faith with God's Word, something extraordinary happens. Faith and the Word collide, and "wham!" an atmosphere for the supernatural is instantly formed. Suddenly, the power to break natural law is present.

Suddenly, you experience that mysterious thing called receiving; the time when the blood of Jesus begins to gush in, the time when the very power of God is drawn into your physical body, obliterating sickness and disease.

It is a combination of faith and the Word that activates God's power within your life. And it doesn't take years to happen. It can take place in an instant.

This is why Jesus said you could move mountains with your faith. He said that if you'd only believe you could say, "Move!" to a mountain and it would fall into the sea (Mark 11:23).

I don't believe that was just a poetic way of saying, "Major stuff happens when you use faith." I believe that Jesus used those particular words because they symbolized your ability to break natural law. After all, who can deny that natural law would have to be broken in order to send a mountain flying into the sea?

Source: Breaking the Power of Natural Law by Jesse Duplantis
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers