Doctors cannot reverse the curse of sickness in your body. They can, however, help alleviate some pain and suffering, but they cannot reverse the curse of sickness. They can only assist the body in healing.

The curse stops the body in healing. The curse stops the body's natural healing process.

Say aloud: "Sickness is a curse. Sickness is not from God."

There are many verses in the Bible proving that sickness always originates from the devil, not God.

Have you ever had a relative who was sick? Did you want that person sick? Then how could we, as human beings, imperfect as we are, want our children, parents, sisters, brothers, or cousins sick?

If we desire with all of our heart to see them well and whole, how can we expect anything less from God? Our human love is not on the level of God's love.

God's love far surpasses human love. If we do not want to see our loved ones suffer, how much more does God not want to see us suffer? How much more does He want us well?

Say this: "God wants me well."

It would not have been so bad if the woman with the issue of blood had received a little help from doctors and then felt better. But no, it says that she spent everything she had on physicians and was not better, but worse.

She surely must have been discouraged after twelve years of seeking help and growing worse. The physicians she went to wanted to help her, just as doctors today help people, but there is only so much they can do.

But something happened that encouraged this woman and lifted her faith to seek Jesus for healing. She surely heard the testimony of someone else who touched Jesus and was healed of their disease.

Have you ever heard of someone being healed and been encouraged when you needed healing in your own body? This woman heard a testimony, and it encouraged her, because she said: "If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole" (Mark 5:28).

Place Your Sickness On Jesus
This woman faced a major problem. For her to touch Jesus would be to defile Him. Under the law, a woman in her condition was not to appear in public, because she would defile people. But she said, "If I can touch Him, I will be whole."

Somewhere in this woman's heart, in the depths of her spirit, she had a revelation of what was going to happen to Jesus—He was going to take upon Himself the defilement of all the diseases known to mankind.

Not only the diseases, but the defilement of sin would come upon Him—the pure, sinless Son of God.

Somewhere in the depths of her spirit she understood, "Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sickness" (Matt. 8:17).

Jesus took her infirmities upon Himself. As that woman touched His garment, the Word says that virtue went out of Him.

I see here a picture of Jesus Christ as our Substitute.

He became that woman's Substitute. She placed upon Him, by that touch of faith, the sickness that had ravaged her body for twelve years. By that touch, she not only received the virtue, or healing power, but she placed her sickness upon His body. She gave it over to Him.

In the Old Testament, the priest would lay his hands upon the head of the scapegoat and confess over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel. (See Lev. 16:21)

In touching the goat, they conferred or placed their sins upon it, and they went away clean. The scapegoat then went out into the wilderness to meet its death. This was a type of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was our Substitute and our scapegoat.

He bore our sins and sicknesses away on His cross. In the same manner, the woman touched and placed her sickness and disease upon the Lamb of God, and left it there.

Jesus became sick, that we might be made well! He is the only one who can truly alleviate sickness and disease.

Source: Reverse The Curse by Annette Capps
Excerpt permission granted by Annette Capps Ministries