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There are roadblocks to healing, even when you have a knowledge of God's Word and have accepted healing as an established fact. I have been in the ministry fourteen years, and I have taught healing all that time. Yet there have been times in my own life that I have not been able to receive my healing immediately.

There are roadblocks to healing, even when you have a knowledge of God's Word and have accepted healing as an established fact.

I have been in the ministry fourteen years, and I have taught healing all that time. Yet there have been times in my own life that I have not been able to receive my healing immediately.

I knew one thing: It wasn't a lack of knowledge. I could quote almost every Scripture in the Bible on healing! I believe in healing, yet I was sick. I came to this conclusion: My inability to receive healing was no reflection on what was done in Jesus Christ.

Don't ever think that the path to healing and divine health is going to be easy! It is strewn with roadblocks to trip you.

There I stood, a minister of the Word of God, teaching on divined healing, yet for some reason there was a roadblock in my path—an inability to receive healing.

So what did I do—cry? I was tempted to call every spiritual person I knew and ask them to pray for me.

Instead, I went to God. He knows all the answers. I said, "God, is there some reason why I have not been able to receive this healing?"

I didn't put the blame on myself. Too many people turn on themselves and say, "Well, I'm just not strong enough spiritually. I don"t have enough faith. I guess I'm just one of those people with little faith."

Someone is always so ready to come along, join with your self-condemnation, and say, "Well, if you just had enough faith, your child wouldn't have died. If you had enough faith, your husband would not have gotten sick. If you had enough faith, you would not be sick now. You must not be reading the Word enough."

Instead of spending so much time on introspection, spend more time inspecting the Word of God!

I said, "God, You know there is a roadblock here. There is something that is hindering me. I do not know what it is. Please show me."

The Sin of Omission
Then the Holy Spirit brought a sin of omission to my mind—something that God had wanted me to do, but I had procrastinated and did not do. So I immediately took care of it. I continued to pray. And my condition got worse!

Don't think that the devil is going to stand back once you make headway toward anything in God's Word. It is possible you could receive a miracle healing and never have another problem.

But most people who become mature in the Word are going to have to stand on the Word of God and fight the good fight of faith. That's just a fact. If you are looking for something easy, you'll not find it.

But receiving your healing through the fight of faith is still better than being sick.

When I began to ask God about my healing, to meditate on His Word, and to act on what He told me to do, the roadblocks started being removed. I believed that regardless of what was happening in my physical body, the Word of God was true—and I refused to be moved.

I became discouraged. I'll be honest with you. At one point I became really discouraged. It is easy to believe you are healed when you feel good.

It is harder to believe you are healed when you can't even get up out of bed or move, and you're in such pain that you wish you could die.

It is much easier to receive from God and believe when you are not in the middle of a crisis. That's why it's so important to listen closely to the Word and stand on the Scriptures concerning healing before you are attacked with sickness.

One Sunday morning as I woke up, a song about healing was playing over my clock radio, and I began to worship God.

I felt the healing power of God manifest in that room. The anointing of God was all over my room! The healing process had begun, although I did not receive my total healing at that time.

Often, the answer comes in stages. Occasionally, it takes several stages from the beginning of healing to the total manifestation.

There is nothing wrong with that. Do not be discouraged if you have not experienced a total manifestation of healing in your body. Keep following the stages to the very end.

God will do everything He can to get that healing to you when you are believing Him.

I went to church with the anointing of God still on me. At the end of the service, my pastor said, "Annette, this is your day. Get up." He laid hands on me, and immediately the symptoms that I'd been having left my body. It took a little longer for me to regain the strength that I'd had before, but the symptoms left.

I followed the stages that the Holy Spirit led me through to healing. He always leads you in line with God's Word, and He will always lead you down the path to healing and divine health.

Source: Reverse The Curse by Annette Capps
Excerpt permission granted by Annette Capps Ministries

Author Biography

Annette Capps
Web site: Charles Capps Ministries
Annette Capps is the daughter of author and teacher Charles Capps. She is an ordained minister, businesswoman, and pilot.

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