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There are times when most people enjoy "periods of health" during their life. Notice that I said "periods of health." We catch colds or come down with the flu; we have a "touch" of this or that coming upon us. Christians seem to think that the common cold is common from God, and that the occasional sickness is normal.

Well, sickness is anything but normal or common in God's eyes. God's intended health plan for His children is to live in divine health all the time, without constant need for divine healing.

Our plan includes built-in healing!

The Word of God is clear when it states that God is the Great Physician and He is the One who heals us (Ex. 15:26).

Repeated illnesses should not be normal for the New Testament Christian.

John wrote what about God's health plan in 3 John 2: "Beloved, I pray, that you may prosper in ALL things (pertaining to life) and health, just as your soul (saved spirit) prospers."

God said that we are to be prosperous in health (as well as financially). Here the Word proclaims that your health is just as important to God as your financial needs!

There are three things to keep in mind when considering God's divine health plan:
  1. There are laws are to be followed.
    In order to live a life of divine health, we need to remember that health laws are just as important to healing as are miracles. We are to maintain a life of divine health by listening to our body when we feel sickness trying to attach itself to us.

    God designed us to walk in perfect health through understanding and operating in His wisdom for good health. He has told us to ask for wisdom when we need it. In fact, He said: If any of you lack and need wisdom, ask God for it and He will give it out generously (paraphrased from James 1:5).

    A character in an old movie said to one of his children, "You were given good health, and it's your responsibility to maintain it!"

    It's true! God gave us good health, and yes, it is our responsibility to make sure we stay healthy by getting proper rest, eating nutritious foods, and exercising regularly (which builds the immune system and helps to maintain our healing).

    The next time you hear yourself say, "I`m coming down with the flu" or "I think I'm catching a cold," don't believe it or receive it!

    Change your words and speak what God said about your health. Proclaim: "I'm not getting sick with the flu or catching a cold. I'm not catching anything from the devil, so body, you be healed an stay healed in the name of Jesus!"

  2. Out of commission means out of the Great Commission.
    Sickness is of the devil. Since God wants you well, the devil wants just the opposite, and that is to keep you sick and out of commission for God.

    If you are out of commission due to flu or illness, you're out of the Great Commission that Jesus has called us to do each day: lay hands on the sick and they will be healed."

    Sickness stops you from being a disciple and follower of Jesus (See Mark 16:14-18).

  3. Your healing is already in you!
    Remember that God planned healing into your physical and chemical makeup when He created you. Your healing is already in you! Believe it, and act on your built in health plan from God.

    As long as we believe sickness is "just a common thing," we will continue to catch stuff we don't want. Sickness is a curse, and we are not to have any part of it. We have been redeemed from the curse of sickness through the blood of Jesus.

    "Christ (the Anointed one and His Anointing) has redeemed us (to buy; purchase, take away) from the curse of the law, being made a cure for us..." (Gal. 3:13).

    Divine health is the plan from God. Health is His first plan and choice for His children. Healing is God's second best for you.

    Why take second best when the very best is available? Believe in God and be healed!

    Source: Faith to be Healed by Cher Wandell.
    Excerpt permission granted by
    Shield of Faith Family & Youth Ministries

Author Biography

Cher Wandell
Web site: Shield of Faith Family & Youth Ministries
Cher is a teacher, evangelist and author dedicated to the rebuilding of the family. Her innovative work with families and thousands of children has spanned across two decades.

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