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The reign of God cannot take root in the health and well-being of our bodies without being strongly rooted in the Word of God. With God, the most hurting soul can achieve mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Years ago, I had a particular client (I'll call her Nancy) who was nearly 100 pounds overweight. I began to work Nancy intensively, but although she worked hard, she could not lose weight.

Nancy and I tried everything in the book. Cardio exercise six days a week. A no-carb diet. A high-carb diet. No fat. High fat. High protein. High caloric. Low caloric. Nothing (I mean NOTHING) seemed to work. She was discouraged and I was stymied.

Our scheduled evaluation time came and Nancy somehow felt safe enough to share some heart issues from her past. She revealed that she had been raped as an adolescent. The trauma of that experience was so great that she developed a fear of men or anyone that looked at her the wrong way.

Now my question to you is...was Nancy's weight linked to food or was it rooted in the rape?

You got it…when Nancy reviewed her life history, she realized that she began to pack on the weight in an effort to protect herself. Her experience had been so devastating that she would rather look unattractive than risk ever going through what she went through again.

Her weight was literally an effort to build a wall around her for safety. And it was killing her.

Health Rooted
Is your body's health rooted in God?

When it comes to health—real health, the kind God wants us to enjoy—I've found that the root is everything. The root is what allows withering or reigning. And believe me, it's just this simple: no root, no reign of God!

Constantly, I ask my clients. "How much fruit did you eat today? How many veggies? I often get the same answer: "I was just so busy, I went to the vending machine…." Or, "I stopped off at Starbucks and had a double-half-non-fat coffee." Can you relate?

What I have found, however, is that attaining freedom for our bodies is a lot like attaining freedom for our souls: it doesn't happen without God at the center.

Getting In Shape Gods' Way
Whether you want to lose weight, build big biceps, or tone and firm your hips and thighs, here are some simple steps that I call "Getting in Shape Gods' Way":

John 15:5, Mark 4:17—Little root=little result. Big root=big fruit.

These scriptures apply just as much to our physical as our spiritual health. However, big roots can be painful. This meaning goes three ways.
  1. Getting the best in life requires a tremendous price. (Big root=big price.) Make a choice to choose. Often times I meet people who want to change but never choose to change.

    If you have had problems of abuse, resentment, never felt true love from another, been abandoned, or experienced rejection of any sort (and who among us hasn't?) from your parents to you current job, you may be choosing not to choose. Perhaps you just plainly love food.

    The answer is found in Jesus: think on these things and ask Christ to be the center of your body. The Word of God declares that your body is the temple of the Living God. Today—right now!—choose to identify in order to defy the disorder and attack it at the root. If you are in Christ the fruit will show (John 15:2).
  2. The same applies if what you're doing is not God's will. For instance, are some of you men spending a lot a time looking at other women just so you can compliment them? Big roots, big price. (Matt. 13:6,21; Matt 5:28)

    Has your personal trainer been telling you to stop eating certain foods? Have you been ignoring your inward witness when you hear it say, "Doctor said don't eat that"?

    This step requires a big fruit…self-control. That's a tough one even in my life! Remember that fruits are grown, so let patience have its perfect work. Big roots grow big fruits!

    As we can see, both of these keys have the same root. The apostle Paul said it better than I ever will in Romans 11:16: "Holy root, holy branch."
  3. Choose today the "Holy Root." Uproot the old by making a choice to trade your life for "the life." Remember, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Watch and expect the Messiah to fulfill his Word of promise to make you a body fully filled and flooded with God Himself (Eph 3:19).

    I give you this insight not just from my own life, but through over 11,000 hours of helping others get in shape—not man's way, but Gods way.
Steps To Review
As you strive to get into shape God's way, here are some steps to remember:
  1. Uproot the old life to rule.
  2. Honor yourself with the fruit of control. (What you sow you reap. Keep going.)
  3. Make Christ the root of your life.
Make Jesus "the Root" (Rev 5:5, 22:16) of your life; it is then you'll start making fruit that is just ripe (or should I say, just right!).

The client I mentioned at the beginning of this story, after acknowledging her fear, was able to cast it out (remember, perfect love casts out all fear!). She began to love herself. It's no surprise that then, and only then, our work together bore fruit. She lost her unhealthy weight and, more importantly, gained the fruit of a healthy self-esteem.

So, before you begin your next fitness program, ask yourself: Is it the root or the food that you must address? The answer is clear: by getting back to the roots of your lifestyle and asking God's help, you'll enjoy the real fruits God has promised!

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Ron Kardashian
Web site: Ron Kardashian
3x Published Author, Dynamic Key-Note speaker, Government appointed Ambassador of Peace, Humanitarian, NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Mr. Kardashian consults at the highest level of business excellence and human performance

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