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You can receive miracles, and you can have authority over sickness and disease. Know this once and for all: all bad things that come to visit you are from the devil—all bad things! They come from hell—not from heaven.

The Bible says all good things come down from the Father of lights to you.

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning" (James 1:17).

That means God sends good and perfect gifts from heaven down to you. Not one heartache has ever come from God. Not one weak day or one defeated moment has ever come to you from heaven. God knows no defeat or sickness. Heaven knows no pain.

Heaven Is Wonderful
I've been to heaven twice, and I can hardly wait to get there for the last time and forever. The air is full of peace. There is no sickness in heaven. There are no worms in the apples in heaven. The grass is about ten times greener there than it is on earth.

You think you've got beautiful flowers here? I've got news for you—in heaven, those beautiful flowers never die. There are no seasons in heaven—no dying, shivering or suffering. There is only life.

Everything in heaven is alive. Everything is full of life, power and love. It saturates you all the time. Heaven is not a misty place out in the air, where a bunch of little spirits float around wondering who they are. It's a real world!

When you walk around heaven, you can see rivers, gulfs, trees and mansions. And you can walk in on Sunday morning and hear Jesus preach! You think you're hearing good messages now, just wait until you get to heaven. Glory to God!

But right now I'm excited about the good things from heaven that we can enjoy in this life. Good gifts, perfect gifts are coming down from heaven, from the Father of lights to you.

God doesn't want you to have any diseases. He wants you to receive His miracle-working power and be totally free.

All Good Things Come From God
By God's power, I want to drive out and to demolish every disease in every person who gets this revelation. We must remember that the same principles I mentioned earlier regarding disease can be applied to all critical cases—financial, emotional, social, spiritual or physical.

Think about what God's Word can do for you while you're reading the following prayer.
Heavenly Father, I come in Jesus' name on behalf of the precious person reading this CFAITH article. You know, Jesus, that I'm not a healer—but You are. Just within myself I have no power to heal; but Jesus, You do, and You live inside me. I claim Your healing and miracle-working power to flow from this article, like a river, into the body of the person reading it to drive out and destroy every disease.

And in Jesus' name, Satan, I bind you and I command you to take your hands off God's property, this precious person. I command this person to be free from disease. He has a right to be healed because he has been born again. I claim his healing to be so in Jesus' name. Thank You, Lord, for doing it.

And, Jesus, I give You the praise and glory for everything that's done, because we're a needy people and we need You. Within ourselves and without Your name, Jesus, and without the Holy Spirit of God, we are nothing. Amen.
Source: How To Live And Not Die by Norval Hayes
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers

Author Biography

Norvel Hayes
Web site: Norvel Hayes Ministries
Norvel Hayes is a successful businessman, internationally renowned Bible teacher, and founder of several Christian ministries in the United States and abroad.

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