When is your moment of truth? When will you see your miracle come to pass? How long is too long to be sick and poor? As you know, everyone goes through the trials of life. Everyone at one time or another battles with sickness or financial stress and we realize that the Lord can deliver us out of them all.

But who sets the schedule? Who decides how long we go through the fire? Are we merely insignificant pawns waiting on God to get around to healing us or blessing us? Or do we have a say so; do we have something to do with our miracle?

Religion has taught us that the only thing we can do is make our needs known to God and then just wait for God to get around to performing a miracle. Preachers will tell you that you need to get to their meetings so that their anointing can touch you and heal you.

That's Not It...
NO, NO, NO!! Truth be known YOU can set the terms for your miracle.

You're not supposed to be waiting on God to heal you; He took your sickness and poverty to the cross 2,000 years ago. As far as He is concerned, you're already healed and prosperous.

You don't need to add another preacher to the list of people who've prayed for you, trying to get their "anointing" to rub off on you. You've got God living inside of you. How much more anointing than God do you need?

Read over the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5 and notice that Jesus said it was her faith that made her whole. Notice how this woman said in her own heart that if she could touch the hem of Jesus' garment then she would be healed.

Take a look at how Jesus responded to this act of faith. He didn't even know what was going on. He simply perceived that power had gone out of Him. Until that moment He was unaware of that woman or her faith or her agenda.

Set Your Own Terms
It was the woman who set the terms for her healing. Jesus was just an innocent bystander. You know many preachers will use this passage of scripture and talk about how all you need to do is touch the hem of Jesus' garment and the power of God will heal you.

No, Jesus said that the key to her healing wasn't in His clothing but in her faith.

Look at the centurion in Matthew 8, he set the terms by saying, "...just say the word." Look at Jairus in Mark 5, he set the terms by saying, "...lay your hands on my daughter."

These people decided in their heart that enough was enough. They decided that today was going to be their day. Just like the unsaved person has to decide that today is their day of salvation, you must decide that today is your day of healing or prosperity.

Decide Today!
The key to your miracle is YOU. You decide when. You decide how. As long as you're willing to sit and suffer, you probably will. But the moment you set your terms is the moment your miracle becomes a reality.

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