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We are asking God to give us the intense desire to pray in the leader(s) His hand and plan desires—and America requires to fulfill her destiny.
The Lord has given us a new prayer assignment. It came to our spirits Sunday, May 8 at corporate prayer here at Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks.

The receiving of this new assignment centered around our country's National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 5th. Because our WWP Wednesday noon meeting was the day before, we were able to recruit pray-ers from every state in the union for a united prayer meeting streamed live on the National Day of Prayer.

We sensed the Lord would do something special for our country, not only through us, but also through the people who would be praying all across America. The Prayer Mountain World Wide Pray-ers were led to follow Daniel's example.
  1. He saw Bible prophecy being fulfilled (Daniel 9:1).
  2. He went to the Word, the prophecies of Jeremiah (Daniel 9:2).
  3. He sought the Lord as to the prayer, the utterance to be made (Daniel 9:3).
  4. Then he prayed (Daniel 9:4).
On Wednesday, we asked the WWP's to request from the Lord, the prayer we should pray Thursday. And Wednesday night, I called Brother Kenneth Copeland and asked, "If you could speak to the pray-ers who will unite in prayer with us tomorrow from every state, and even other countries, what would you ask them to pray?" He called me the next morning with what he received.

Now to show that this was confirmed out of the mouths of two witnesses, you should know, that before receiving Brother Copeland's reply, I was impressed we should pray the following regarding America's destiny:
We ask You to help us reach the destiny You intended when You established this nation, as evidenced in Your hand upon the Pilgrims, the Puritans, the Preachers of The Great Awakening, our Founding Fathers, and in the multitude of ways you have preserved us until this hour…And we humbly ask You for the only thing that will save us…An Awakening to God.
Brother Copeland's prayer was short:
My prayer is for God to give us His wisdom, to give us His strength that this nation finish its course. Not cut short by sin, by government, or by any move of the devil. That we as Christian people cast off the sin that so easily besets us, and finish the race, and fulfill our destiny.
We prayed as directed. (You can see our prayer meeting on the National Day of Prayer,
May 5th. It is archived on our web page.)

Our New Assignment: Pray in a Leader
The next prayer meeting at Prayer Mountain was to be our Sunday, corporate prayer. That Sunday was Mother's Day. So, I went to bed Saturday night thinking about the power of a certain mother's prayer—Hannah, the mother of Samuel.

We began the meeting with current events and Osama bin Laden's death. I shared that I believed it was judgment—even the vengeance of the Lord. I shared that I knew where he was.

The meeting unfolded under the Spirit's direction. We saw that Israel was in dire straits when Hannah prayed. Israel's leader at the time was the high priest, Eli. He was old and his sons, to whom the priesthood was to fall, were in gross sin. Satan was surely behind it, trying to bring down the chosen nation through its heads.

But God!!! He was at work. He closed a woman's womb and gave her an INTENSE DESIRE for a son. So intense was her desire that she promised him to the Lord. We followed the scriptural account in detail—emphasizing her powerful prophetic prayer of praise and thanksgiving (1 Sam. 2:1-10).

Hannah prayed in a son, Samuel. He was the leader Israel had to have!

He was not, however, the only leader her prayer birthed. For she said, "…the barren hath born seven" (I Samuel 2:5). When we count the children she physically gave birth to, we can count only six. "…three sons and two daughters. And the child Samuel…."(v. 21).

The answer is in verse 10 of her prophetic praise: "…the LORD shall judge the ends of the earth: and He shall give strength unto His King, and exalt the horn of His Anointed (Messiah)."

This is the first mention of His Anointed One, the Messiah. It is the first mention of Him as The King Messiah. Hannah indeed bore seven.

Hannah's prayer birthed Israel's ultimate leader, its King Messiah!

That Sunday, May 8, 2011, the Lord gave us a new assignment. It can even be seen as further direction in our assignment to pray in an Awakening to God.

He gave us the assignment to pray in a leader for America!

This leader (or leaders) can be governmental. This leader (or leaders) can be a spiritual leader. We don't know. And we know better than to mix politics with this. Hannah had no idea what all was in her prayer. But she did know that she had intense desire. We are asking God to give us the intense desire to pray in the leader(s) His hand and plan desires—and America requires to fulfill her destiny.

In addition to what I have already told you about that special Sunday prayer meeting, an anointed word came through Francine Lovell. In her lovely French accent she reminded us of what a day in history, this date May 8, was. [She was nine years old in France and remembers the bells ringing in Paris as Allied Forces formally accepted Nazi Germany's surrender and declared May 8, 1945 as Victory in Europe (VE) Day.] Then she read a word she'd received from the Lord earlier that morning in prayer. It was that He heard us on the National Day of Prayer, that there had been a turn, and that America will return to receiving Honor!!!

Billye Brim Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Author Biography

Billye Brim
Web site: Billye Brim Ministries
Billye Brim was born again at the age of eight in 1947 and was brought up to love God and His Word. After her initial in-filling of the Holy Spirit in 1967, she began the journey of fulfilling the call of God on her life.

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