And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment;
(Phil. 1:9 KJV)
"And this I pray," could be rendered, "and for this cause (touto) I offer prayers (proseuchomai) for you". The "cause" being that found in verse eight where we see "I long after" (epipotheo) your well being (humas) or, for your sakes.

The request of this prayer is that love (agape: God's unconditional love) may exceed any fixed measure (perisseuo) and will continually exist and be at hand in abundance. This is the measure of God's love which is exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we may ever ask or think.

Our prayer for one another should always be of this sort. We should be so concerned for one another's well being that we pray for this love to be abounding in the same sense as that of a flower going from a bud to full bloom.

This love is not a feeling nor is it something that is the result of happenstance (a happening, circumstance or situation). It is to be solidly rooted in knowledge and judgment.

We are here speaking of the knowledge (epignosis), the acknowledging of ethical and divine love, with precise and correct knowledge of such things. We are asking God to give supernatural quality and quantity to our love of one another in the Body of Christ.

This also deals with judgment, aisthesis, that is, perception, not only by the senses but by the intellect. It has to do with discernment and the moral discernment in ethical matters. Thus, I declare in prayer that you will excel in love by the supernatural working of the Holy Ghost. I declare in prayer that you will, today, receive a supernatural, divine, revelation of the love of God in all the knowledge and judgment that He has Himself.

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