If a bird sees a trap being set, it knows to stay away.
(Prov. 1:17, NLT)
You’ve heard the old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” It’s true, and it can work for you or against you! Have you taken a look at the flock you're flying with lately? Are you paying attention to the traps being set for you?

There have been many occasions in our lives where the Lord has pointed out traps we needed to avoid. He's led us to recognize and associate with certain “birds” on purpose; and He's connected us to birds of a similar feather that are flying to the same destination. It's great to flock with birds of the right feather!

At other times, the Lord warned or alerted us to carefully consider or even change up who we were hanging out with because He knew those “birds” weren’t going where He was taking us. In various seasons He’s let us know about a "bird flu" that was being spread within our church; so we made appropriate changes within our staff and leadership structures. It's all about birds.

Birds are beautiful creatures. They're colorful. They sing. They build. They nurture. They have their downside, too. They carry disease. They eat road kill. They poop.

Today, let’s look at birds and be as smart. Let’s avoid traps and make sure we’re hooked up with the right flock.

Flying Birds: They are flying high in the purposes of God. They've learned how to fly through or above the storms of life. They're serving God and obeying His plan for their lives. They're enjoying fellowship with the Lord, wholeness, wellness, joy, peace and an abundant life. Flying birds are praising God and experiencing His favor and grace. They live by faith, are optimistic and blessed. Birds in flight have learned how to avoid traps and surround themselves with the right kind of birds.

These types of birds are inspiring. They set their beak in a direction and flap their wings until they get there. Those who are flying in the Word, the Spirit, faith and love lift others up in their draft. They’ll partner with you for an amazing journey of faith. The Lord’s jet stream will take you on a wonderful adventure of sightseeing and eternal destinations.

It’s easy to spot a flying bird. They’re in the air! They enjoy an aerial view of God’s sights and sounds! They are going somewhere. They are full of faith, peace and joy. Life is on the upswing for these birds. They are still fired up and serving the Lord. These birds are beautiful people. They color their world. They sing His praises. They build others up. They nurture everyone around them. Find those birds and join their flock!

Grounded Birds: They're stuck on the ground and far from God’s destiny for their life. They're likely not serving God; maybe completely out of His will and trying to justify it. They are not in fellowship with the Lord and not enjoying abundance. Grounded birds seem disconnected; they are often weak, mad, bitter or hurt. They don't feel like praising God, and His favor and grace seem far away.

These types of birds have gotten out of step with the Lord and His purposes and they will drag you down. They have fallen into traps and they enjoy pecking: grumbling, complaining and murmuring. When birds of a feather find a hallway, conference room, street corner or start an email thread to complain about their friends, their spouse, the kids, their neighbors, the boss, the pastor, their coworkers or any other easy prey – flap your wings and get out of there!

It’s easy to spot a grounded bird. They’re stuck on land. They’ve been clipped, demoted and set aside. They are not going anywhere. Life is a drag for these birds. They carry lots of contagions and they are afflicted with many ‘I’ diseases. The worst part about grounded birds is the droppings they leave on others. They infect and affect those around them with do-do and viruses that take out whole groups of people. Coworkers no longer have jobs or ministries because of the influence of grounded birds. These types of birds have split churches and ruined entire families. When you see these birds or the traps around them, run!

Today, what types of feathers do the birds you hang with wear? When you begin to view your life experiences and relationships through the “birds of a feather” lens, it will motivate you to thank God for the flock you’re flying with OR it will be a huge wake-up call to recognize traps and inspire you to get serious about finding a new flock.

“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength; they will soar high on wings like eagles.” (Isa. 40:31, NLT)

Say It: Father, I want to be the type of bird that soars high on wings like eagles! I ask You to help me recognize traps I need to avoid. I want to associate with people who have the types of feathers that honor You and those who seek Your purposes. Thank You for Your mercy, grace and help to make whatever adjustments I need to make. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Beth Jones Ministries
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