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rxmedicalToday we hear much about recovery. There are divorce recovery workshops, alcohol and chemical dependency support groups, co-dependency recovery classes. It seems that there is a great emphasis on restoring the soul (mind, will, & emotions) and rightfully so. There are many, many wounded people even in the church. Maybe I should say, especially in the church.

In faith circles, people are sometimes hesitant to admit they don’t “have it all together.” To admit that you are in mental, emotional, or physical distress would be considered a “faith-failure”. Instead of seeking support from the body of Christ, many have kept their pain to themselves, suffering as they keep up a good front.

Unfortunately, relationship and marital failures have exploded also. Rather than admit their difficulties, many have found it necessary to leave the church because of the judgmental attitudes of their peers and leaders.

Jesus taught that our faith in God is to be used to solve all the problems of life. We all have something to recover from. Whether you have experienced the trauma of physical, sexual, and verbal abuse, or just have a negative self-image, God is the answer to your ultimate healing and recovery.

Anyone who appears to “have it all together” is not showing an honest face before the world; whether it because of fear or ego. If any of us were perfect, Jesus would not have needed to make the trip to planet earth!

It was my privilege to participate in a seminar on “restoring the soul”.  The honesty of the speakers in sharing their own struggles was in itself very healing. Many of the letters and comments that I received after the seminar said, “Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for showing how to use our faith for healing that unmentionable area, the emotions.”

I want to share with you highlights of what I believe to be one of the best teachings that I have done.

Sources of Mental and Emotional Distress 

There are some teachers who would lead you to believe that all mental and emotional problems are caused by demonic activity. I will be the   rst to admit that I have seen demonic oppression cause a great amount of turmoil in the emotional arena;however, every case of emotional distress is not demonic, there are other sources to consider:

  1. Your Thought Life. (1 Cor. 10:3-5, Phil. 4:8) Feelings are directly linked to thoughts. When you constantly dwell on the negative, you will be depressed, fearful, and in a bad mood no matter how much you pray and read the Bible.
  2. Trauma Or Dysfunction in the Family of Origin. Phobias, nightmares, and unreasonable fears can afflict adults as well as children who have experienced abuse or traumatic situations. Loss or traumatic situations can produce depression, fear, physical ailments, or other disorders in adulthood.
  3. Heredity and Genetic Predisposition. (James 3:6) When the Bible speaks of the “sins of the fathers” affecting 4 generations, I believe genetics are involved in making those generations vulnerable to attack in a particular area. Mental weakness can be passed on, but it can also be broken through the power of the tongue and the name of Jesus.
  4. Chemical Imbalance. Manic depression, schizophrenia, and hormonal imbalance which create altered mental and emotional states are often  verified by blood chemistry tests. Certain drugs can alleviate symptoms.
  5. Spiritual Warfare. (Acts 10:38) All of the four above can be accompanied by or caused by demonic oppression. It is my opinion that most of the time demonic oppression does not gain a stronghold without one of the above situations.
Several months ago, a very dear friend of mine who was my former secretary and had worked for my ministry for 12 years became seriously depressed and suicidal. During a one year period she had several losses including her mother’s death and the ending of a serious relationship. The trauma started her on a negative course of thinking along with the natural grief that comes from loss. I prayed for her and tried every natural means possible to bring her out of it, but to no avail.

Because I was concerned about the suicidal thoughts she was having, I persuaded her to see a doctor and begin taking an antidepressant. The suicidal thoughts stopped, but her attitude did not change much. I was increasingly concerned as were other close friends.

One evening, she visited my home expressing her emotional distress to my husband and me. I said, “Well, let’s pray.” At this point, she did not have much faith in prayer and to be honest neither did I after all the months I had prayed for her.  As my husband and I joined hands with her and began praying, the anointing came. I saw in the Spirit, the evil power that had attached itself to her will to drain her of life itself. I broke the power of that evil spirit in the name of Jesus and she was set free. It was an instantaneous change and she has been free since that night!

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Annette Capps
Web site: Charles Capps Ministries
Annette Capps is the daughter of author and teacher Charles Capps. She is an ordained minister, businesswoman, and pilot.

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