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On the night before the Boston bombing, I could not sleep.

On the night before the Boston bombing, I could not sleep.

Let me say, up front, that I am disappointed with my reaction to my waking and staying awake for at least two hours. I thought, "Well, I just got in and I have only two days before I leave again. I have a lot to do. So I'm thinking about it. I must get some sleep." Quickly, even robotically, I said, "Lord is this you? Is there something I need to pray about?" Then I tried once again to get to sleep. I did not give a thought to what had happened on the eves of two other events.
On the evening of April 18, 1995, my daughter, Shelli, and I were walking from our motel in Florida to the church just behind it. Both were on the property of Brother Norvel Hayes. As we walked, I heard a loud explosion. Saw nothing. Asked Shelli if she'd heard it. She had not. Norvel was late to the meeting. When he came in he was heavily burdened. We, the speakers, and the congregation took up the burden. I remember weeping and praying filled the evening. The next day terrorists bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. In this horrible event, 168 people died, including 19 children under 6, and 680 people were hurt.
On the evening of September 11, 2001, my daughter, Brenda and I were in Moscow, Russia where we'd just finished a meeting for Rick and Denise Renner speaking on Bible prophesy. We were preparing to go to the Bolshoi Ballet when Denise telephoned and asked if we knew what was happening in New York. We rushed to their home and watched via satellite the tragic events in New York City where it was still morning. The night before, September 10, in Moscow, we'd had a meeting of the ministry teams. Pastors George and Terry Pearsons had brought a prayer team to the event. At a restaurant each team member shared what they thought of the meeting. Did it do what it was meant to do. Etc. The last to share was my daughter, Brenda. The moment she opened her mouth to speak, intercessory travail poured forth and we all were swept into the burden of it.
Now, you know why I was so disappointed with myself in the early morning hours of April 15. I should have prayed. The load was heavy. I've asked the Lord to forgive me and I purpose to obey His urges to prayer.
Prayer is so vital in this hour. In every case, the Lord endeavors to get someone to work with Him. As John Wesley said, "It seems the Lord can do nothing on the earth, unless someone asks Him." I know that in every tragedy I've named herein and in the multitude of large and small attacks upon mankind, the Lord moves upon His own to pray. And I know that He warns, protects, as far as men's faith and obedience allows.
Brother Kenneth Copeland shared that the Lord told Him about what has come to be called Nine Eleven, "I forewarned every person. Some heard and lives were saved.  Some heard and overrode the warning. Some did not hear at all. Some did not recognize My voice."
What do I take away from this? As for me, I see that sitting in our seat in our heavenly ministry is of utmost importance. This we can do to rule and dominate in our places of individual dominion (Romans 5:17).  We can cover ourselves and loved ones with the blood of Jesus. (See my book The Blood and the Glory.) And for others we can be faithful to our priesthood ministry. Obeying the promptings of the Spirit of God to prayer or other action.
This morning when I took communion over Isaiah 53, I was especially cognizant of what Jesus did 2000 years ago for the sins, diseases, and pains of the whole world.
I prayed that the healings of the wounded in Boston would know His quickening power.

Billye Brim Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Billye Brim
Web site: Billye Brim Ministries
Billye Brim was born again at the age of eight in 1947 and was brought up to love God and His Word. After her initial in-filling of the Holy Spirit in 1967, she began the journey of fulfilling the call of God on her life.

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