I love the story Dr. Lillian B. Yeomens tells in her book, “Healing From Heaven.” She tells the story of a missionary to China who had ministered fearlessly to a sister missionary with smallpox.

Then a very bad case of confluent smallpox (that was what it looked like to the doctors) came out on her. Not knowing what to do, this missionary went before the Lord, He told her to sing and praise Him for His faithfulness to His Word.

And that’s exactly what she did. Though she was isolated to prevent the smallpox from spreading and told by her doctor to lie quietly, this woman sang and sang and praised and praised. She said that if she didn’t praise God, the very stones would cry out.

The doctor said he feared for her life, that the case was serious and awful complication threatened. But this woman missionary just sang and sang and praised and praised!

He said she was evidently delirious, but that he had so little help he couldn’t restrain her. So she just sang and sang and praised and praised. She was told that if by any chance she recovered, she world be disfigured for life. She sang and praised louder than she ever had before!

God Showed Me I Must Praise Him
Finally, they asked this missionary, “Why do you praise so much?” She answered, “Because I have so many pox on me. God shows me I must praise Him for each one separately,” And she kept right at it.

The Lord had shown her a vision of two baskets, one containing her praise, which was half full, and the other containing her testing, which was full. He told her that the praise basket must be filled so that it would out balance the other. And so she kept it.

Her songs and shouts were so Spirit-filled they were contagious. The Christian nurses couldn’t resist joining in and they kept the place ringing! At last, the Lord showed her that the praise basket was full and overflowing. She saw it sink and the testing basket rise in the air: In only a moment it seemed, the smallpox and all its symptoms vanished, leaving not even the trace of a single scar! Praise the Lord!

Yes, the praise cure works every time for everyone and it is not at all unpleasant! Rather, it is delightful to those who partake of it and its cost has been met for us by another; by a man – Jesus Christ.

Because Jesus took the stripes on His back, this cure is available – at this very moment – to each of us! Glory to God!

Are you ready to begin to praise cure? The last clause of 1 Peter 1:8 tells us exactly how to begin: “…believing, you rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

Only Believe
Just believe what the Word says Jesus has done for you. Think about it, sing about it, shout about it, and the praise cure has begun! Remember, do this continually. Don’t just take this cure once a year, but take it every day. Make it a part of your lifestyle, and watch as God goes to work on your behalf!

When Trina was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, I spoke to that tumor and told it to die and leave her head in Jesus’ Name. Then we surrounded ourselves with praise and singing until the day she was wheeled into the operating room for a biopsy to determine the nature of the tumor.

All the way into surgery, she laughed until she went under the anesthesia, after a few hours the surgeon appeared with a puzzled but happy face. He reported the operation revealed that the tumor – the very same one that showed up on every test – had completely disappeared! When you rejoice, something is happening back at the ranch! Praise the Lord!

Source: The Secret Power of Joy by Mark Hankins
Excerpt permission granted by Mark Hankins Ministries