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Can Sickness Hear?
I was reminded of this just recently when I found myself having stomach pains. It caught me by surprise because I’m hardly ever sick these days, but I knew exactly how to handle it. What did I do? I said, “Pain, I rebuke you. Pain, you get off of me. You’re not staying in my body. In the name of Jesus, you be gone.”

Some people might think it’s peculiar to talk to pain. But I don’t, because that’s what Jesus did. As we’ve already seen, when He healed Peter’s mother-in-law, He rebuked the fever. He didn’t rebuke her. He didn’t even rebuke the Devil. He spoke directly to the sickness.

One minister I know was reading that story one day and he asked himself, “Can fevers hear?” After considering the fact that when Jesus rebuked the fever and it left, he decided, “Yes, fevers can hear! And if fevers can hear, ulcers can hear. If ulcers can hear, tumors can hear. If tumors can hear, cancer can hear. Any sickness or disease can hear.”

The question is, are we speaking to them?

We should be, because Jesus is our example, and in the Bible we see Him speaking to things all the time. We see Him speaking to wind and waves. We see Him speaking to trees. We see Him speaking to infirmities. What’s more, in Matthew 17:20 He said this:

…For assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. (NKJV)

Thank God, we have been given authority to speak to the mountains in our lives, and sickness is one of those mountains!
Keep Talking Even If It Takes a While
 “But, Lynne,” you might ask, “how long did you have to talk to the pain in your stomach before it went away?” I don’t know. I just talked to it until it left me, because I knew that eventually it would.
I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times, not only in my own life but in the lives of others. I remember years ago we had a friend, a really young man, who had a terrible problem with his eyes. He began to lose his sight very quickly, and he had to wear super thick glasses to see anything at all. Even the glasses didn’t help a lot. In a low-lit room, he was virtually blind.
He started developing his faith for healing, and he would talk to his eyes all the time. “Eyes, I call you perfect,” he would say. “I call you right. Eyes, you have 20/20 vision.” He’d stand in church services praising God for his healing, and then he’d put his glasses on and drive home. (He didn’t throw away his glasses. That doesn’t do any good.)
After talking to his eyes every day all day long for 2 ½ years, his words came to pass. One day I happened to see him and I asked, “Where are your glasses?”
“I don’t need them anymore,” he answered. “My eyes are great. I can even read things at a distance.”

If you’re wondering why it took so long for his sight to manifest, I can tell you this: it wasn’t because Jesus was slow to heal him. As that young man would be quick to tell you, the problem is never with the Healer. If any of us ever have difficulty receiving, the problem is on our side. Sometimes it takes time for us to build our faith to the place where we can speak and, instantly, it is done. So what we must do is stick with it until we’re able to receive.
Don’t Neglect Your Temple
 My precious praying friend, let me ask you something today: is your faith for healing strong right now? Are you prepared to receive it at any moment if you need it? If not, then spend some time building yourself up in that area.
Don’t let yourself get so busy waging spiritual warfare and praying for the nations and for others that you neglect to protect your physical body. That’s not what God wants. He desires “above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” (3 John 1:2). So cooperate with Him. Dig into His Word and develop a vision for divine health. Be determined to stay healthy and strong, not just for a week or a month, but for the rest of your life.
That’s God’s perfect will for you. It’s the reason Jesus bore not only your sins but your sicknesses and your pains on the cross. He didn’t want you to have to put up with them! He wanted you to be victor all the time in every way—spirit, soul, and body. So strengthen your faith for healing and stay spiritually prepared to repel the Devil’s slightest attack. The minute you sense any sickness on your body, take action and drive it out in the name of Jesus. Speak boldly to it in that name. Every day. Multiple times. Stay with it until it leaves. It is worth it, dear saint! It is worth it!
Someday we’ll all be together in heaven where we can visit with each other and share our victory stories. I look forward to that day and can hardly wait to hear yours. But in the meantime, I want you to keep marching strong in this end-time army of prayer.

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All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Lynne Hammond
Web site: Lynne Hammond Ministries
A teacher and an author, Lynne publishes a newsletter called Prayer Notes, has written numerous books, and currently serves as the national prayer director for Daughters for Zion. Her passion for inspiring and leading others into the life of Spirit-led prayer continues to take her around the world to minister to believers whose heart cry, like hers, is “Lord, teach me to pray!”

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