Faith and Healing: How We Learn His Will
Did you know that you can pray in tongues and receive understanding about your future? As we pointed out earlier (link to previous article), every time you pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit is praying through you the perfect will of God, sometimes for other people, often for your own life.  It is the Holy Spirit’s job to reveal God’s will to you for your life as you do so.

“Why can’t God just send some preacher to me who will tell me God’s will?”

Look at 1 Corinthians 2:8.
Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. (KJV)
If the enemy would have known what God had planned for the future, he would have never crucified Jesus. The implication is the same for you. If the enemy knew God’s plan for your life, he would put up roadblocks and try to stop what God wanted to do. That’s why God is going to reveal His will to you this way. He will give you the interpretation of what the Spirit is praying about so you can get glimpses of His will and begin building images of your future on the basis of that revealed will.

For 40 years, every good idea and every good sermon I’ve had has come this way. I take time to refill my tank by praying in tongues during my time with the Lord in the morning. What am I actually doing? Self-talk. I’m speaking to myself in the Holy Ghost. I’m speaking in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. I’m speaking the perfect will of God for my life. As I continue knowing that I can interpret what He’s praying through me, I’ll begin to get ideas of what that will is, answers to problems, sermon ideas, etc.

What happens as you receive these ideas? Momentum is generated in that direction.

When we started this ministry years ago, I had a young man come to me and say, “I know I’m supposed to be an evangelist. I keep seeing myself preaching to 100,000 people in a football stadium. It almost seems stupid and foolish. I just got out of high school. I don’t have any training. I don’t know what to do next to take my life in that direction. Is this some kind of folly or deception I’m into?”

I said, “No. You’re on the right track. The more you refine that vision, the more momentum it will give to your life. Spend time praying about this in the Holy Ghost. Let God add little elements to this picture. How many hundreds of thousands do you see coming to get saved? How many people are getting healed? What do you see physically about the stadium? Refine the vision and see it as clearly as you can because it has the capacity to generate direction in your life toward that very thing, even if you don’t yet know what to do next week or the month after that. This is how God orders your steps to take you toward His plan for your life.”

It’s time we start talking to ourselves and clearly defining the imagery that is going to represent our future. Let’s picture our lives lived out God’s way as clearly as we can. When the enemy generates negative imagery through an evil report or through circumstance you’re dealing with, talk to yourself. Let it be the first thing you do. Look at what you’re facing and say, “No! I rebuke that. That’s not who I am in Christ. I know who I am. I am the healed. I’m not sick.”

If there are gaps in your imagery for the future, pray in tongues. God will reveal more and more of those pieces to you, and you can fill in that picture until it’s crystal clear and sharp. As you do this, you’ll create momentum and direction that will move your life down the path of His will, blessed in everything that you do.

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