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heartbeathealingTeaching on healing can be fraught with peril because some of us have believed God for healing and not seen the results we’ve wanted. Why do some people seem to get healed and others don’t?

So I’m just going to talk about me. Because healing IS in the Bible, and Jesus DID die to heal us! It’s in our covenant, and it’s good news!

When I was 18 years old, my mother died of cancer. I was newly saved and had barely heard about healing — just enough to know it was maybe possible. So my prayer was, “God, please heal my mom! Please!” And then she died. It seemed as though praying for healing didn’t work.

Well, here are three things I’ve learned about healing since then:

#1 - I don’t have to beg God. To Him, healing is already done. I didn’t know that back then. Now I’ve learned that God’s very nature is healing. He healed under the Old Covenant (Exodus 15:26, Isaiah 53:4,5), and then He sealed the deal through Jesus on the Cross under the New Covenant (1 Pet. 2:24, Matt. 8:17).

God’s will has always been the same. He’s never been conflicted about it. He’s a healing God. And I found out that Jesus is not going to the Cross again to heal me, any more than He’s going to the Cross again to save anyone. It is finished! We are the healed of the Lord. He’s done all He’s going to do (Heb. 10:10).

Now I no longer wonder if it’s God will to heal. I can’t receive if I’m wondering. I have to go by God’s Word and know that it’s absolutely His will, His nature, and His plan to heal. That’s why He included it in my redemption. Naturally, I wouldn’t beg for something that already belongs to me.

So I know what you’re thinking, how can I access this ‘done deal’ healing? What good is it to me if it’s not working my life?! Read on.

#2 - God is a faith God. I receive healing by believing. In other words, God’s part is healing, and my part is believing. When I prayed for my mom all those years ago, I didn’t know that. I was wishing and hoping for healing, not believing that Jesus had already purchased it (Mark 9:23, Mark 5:36, Rom. 10:17, 1 John 5:4).

I found out that faith is believing what God has said in His Word more than what I see or feel. That’s the fight of faith. I’m not fighting the devil (he’s already defeated) or fighting sickness (it’s already been bought and paid for). I’m fighting to believe the Word in the face of sickness. It’s not hard, but it requires more Word than circumstances.

I learned this one time when I had bronchitis for two years. I went to the doctor, took all the medicine, but I didn’t get better. After two years, the doctor told me that my lungs were damaged, and every time I caught a cold from then on, it would settle in my lungs, and I would have bronchitis often.

Well, that’s when it dawned on my lightning-fast mind that this was a spiritual battle, not a physical one, and I decided no — that wasn’t going to happen. So I made myself a cassette tape (yes, it was a while ago) with scriptures and confessions and played it every day. All day. So I could speak the Word and saturate my spirit with God’s promises for healing.

I’m happy to report that faith came, and after a few weeks of speaking the Word, I was completely healed! And I never got bronchitis or had weak lungs again.

#3 - I release my faith for healing with WORDS. God created the world with words (Gen. 1:2), we got saved by saying words (Rom. 10:9, 10), and we can have what we say (Mark 11:23). There is power in our words! (Rom. 4:17, Prov. 18:21)

This is how the kingdom of God works: nothing happens until we speak; until we say what God says. I think too many times we aren’t speaking to our mountain – we’re letting it speak to us. We’re saying what we see and feel, agreeing with circumstances instead of agreeing with God’s Word.

I learned that I needed to be speaking God’s Word more often in order to receive what He has done for me. And it’s been working ever since.

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Karen Jensen Salisbury
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Karen Jensen Salisbury has been in ministry for almost 30 years, and a writer for almost 40. Her teachings and writings have influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Her humor, her never-give-up attitude, her love for God and her strong stand on His Word will bless and inspire you.

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