The God-kind of faith—the "possibility faith"—is tempered by love. You can't do anything without love. The fruits of the Spirit will not operate properly if you don't have love. You will not have faith enough to combat Satan if you don't have love.

But when you get this kind of love, you will not be content to be mediocre, stay in a corner, and barely make it to heaven. You will be a success even when you are not trying to be!

Think of all the marvelous, blessed things God has prepared for us! We could sit and dream and dream and dream of them—dream faith dreams! When you put the love of God to work with your faith and your confession, you will watch those dreams turn into spiritual realities!

Can you afford not to walk the love walk? Can you afford to hold one bit of malice? Can you afford not to love your neighbor as yourself? Can you afford not to have self-love?

Did you know that you can't love other people until you love yourself? God said you must love your neighbor as yourself. People protest, "Oh, I don't want to be arrogant. We're supposed to be humble!"

There is a difference between being arrogant and loving yourself—a great deal of difference. You can be arrogant and still not think much of yourself.

You should know who you are in Christ, what you in Christ, and what you have because of Christ. If you know these things, then you know that believers are kings who sit in heavenly places with Christ. That will give you a good self-image!

Do you know what is wrong with many marriages? Two people who can't even love themselves are trying to love one another. How can they love their mate if they can't love themselves?

Our Example Is Christ
Jesus showed ultimate love when He took a piece of bread at the Last Supper, dipped it into the common dish, and fed it to Judas with His very fingers (John 13:26)—knowing all the while that this man was betraying Him! That is love. According to the custom of their day, the highest act of love one could perform was to feed bread like this with your own fingers to a friend.

Another demonstration of Jesus' love is seen in Matthew 23:37, when He wept over Jerusalem, the city that had persecuted Him more than any other—the city He loved more than any other.

Notice how Jesus honored Peter, who had lost his nerve and denied knowing Jesus. Jesus distinguished Peter from the other disciples in the message the angel delivered (Mark 16:7): "Go your way, tell his disciples and Peter." That is love.

We as Christians are called to love the unlovely. Most of us, however, want the unlovely to straighten up first. Only then are we are willing to help them. But it isn't going to work that way.

This God-kind of love will spill over into your job, your school, and every other aspect of your life. Not only will your reap spiritual benefits; you will reap natural benefits you've never thought possible. Your fellow employees will think you are one of the most wonderful people in the world, and they will see to it that you get the benefits and promotions you deserve.

Yes, when you get your life and your actions lined up with the Word of God and you place a strong guard on your tongue, you soon will find the love walk becoming automatic.

When someone provokes you and you feel that old nature start to rise up inside of you, you will find yourself saying, "Praise the Lord. I love you." You will find yourself growing spiritually.

You will wake up one morning and find that good things are happening to you. Promotions are coming. The money you need is coming. Everything you need is coming to you.

Then it will dawn on you that while you are walking the love walk, you are not having to make all these good things happen—they are happening automatically as you walk in love.

Your faith is strong, and faith worketh by love—God's love—that love that covers everything. This is the way to perfection in Jesus Christ.

Source: Faith Worketh by Love by Kenneth Hagin, Jr.
Excerpt permission granted by Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Inc.