Mercy is a gift which existed long before your faith. It was God's mercy that received you when you were still a sinner. Before you had faith to be saved, God had mercy on you.

Thank God for faith. Thank God that He placed within every believer the measure of faith and gave us His precious Holy Spirit to nurture that faith until it grows and matures within us.

But without mercy we would never have been able to receive that measure of faith.

Mercy, which existed long before your faith, will exist long beyond your faith. It will be in operation when your faith has been extended to its limits.

God's mercy is everlasting. It never ends. The mercy of God endureth forever!

If you will settle your faith in the mercy of God, you will enjoy the fullness of His blessings.

Source: The Force Of Mercy by Buddy Harrison & Dr. Michael Landsman.
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers