When I left the house of bondage, I left everything behind. I wanted to keep nothing of Egypt on me, and so I went to the Lord and asked Him to give me a new name....

I set up my banner, and then I sing, and then folks always comes up 'round me, and then... I tells them about Jesus.

- Sojourner Truth (a freed slave)

When I think of fearless fanatics, two examples in Scripture jump out at me: one a man, the other a woman. Since my mother always said, "Ladies first," I will tell you about Queen Esther.

When the evil Haman petitioned the king to issue an edict that allowed for the killing of all the Jews in the kingdom, Queen Esther, being a Jew, was in the position to save her people. God had placed her in the kingdom for "such a time as this" (Est. 4:14).

After fasting and praying, she boldly proclaimed, "If I perish, I perish," and asked to see the king. Humbling herself before him, she requested protection for her people. The king issued a counterorder that allowed the Jews to arm and protect themselves against the previously ordered attack. Because of Esther's fearless faith, her people were saved.

John the Baptist was also a fearless fanatic. He was a child born of a promise to aging parents. (See Luke 1.) He was a Nazarene and never cut his hair or touched strong drink (Luke 1:15). He knew the fine art of practicing self-denial. He loved solitude and communicating with God in the desert. He dressed simply, wearing cloth woven from camel's hair, and had a strange diet (Matt. 3:4).

John was a simple man in every way in the natural, but he was a radical for God. He was the one God chose to declare that Jesus was the Son of God, the Messiah, and he was executed for his stand for righteousness. Jesus grieved when he heard of John's death, and said that John was the greatest of all the prophets of Israel.

Do something today to be a fearless fanatic for Jesus, and you will be in good company!

Source: Mission 3:16 Devotional by Carman.
Excerpt permission granted by Albury Publishing