God doesn't withhold any good thing from His children. But you are to exercise your authority over Satan and circumstances that are contrary to God's Word. And you are to speak forth the command of faith in Jesus' mighty Name.

Philipians 2:10 says, "Every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth." Other translations say "beings" instead of "things." So we could read verse 10, "Every knee should bow, of beings in Heaven, and beings in earth, and beings under the earth."

Beings in Heaven, in the earth, and under the earth include angels and demons. In other words, angels and demons alike are subject to the Name of Jesus. They must surrender to that Name because the Name of Jesus is superior to every name that can be named in three realms: Heaven, earth, and under the earth!

We Need To Have Right Thinking
As Christians, the Name of Jesus belongs to us. Many times, His Name doesn't mean as much to us as it should. Often our thinking is all wrong on this subject. If your thinking is wrong, your believing will be wrong. And if your believing is wrong, then your speaking will be wrong too.

It all goes back to your thinking. You've got to get your thinking straightened out before the Name of Jesus will mean what it should mean to you.

The Bible says, "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Rom. 10:17). You've got to have faith in the Name of Jesus before that Name will produce results for you. When your faith in the Name of Jesus increases, results will also increase when you ask in His Name.

Many Christians think of the Name of Jesus in the same way they think of a good luck charm. They have about as much faith in the Name of Jesus as they have in a rabbit's foot!

Your Right As A Christian
You need to get a revelation in your spirit that the Name of Jesus belongs to you as a Christian. You have a right to use that Name. When sickness or disease tries to attack you, you can demand, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave my body!"

That's how I've been able to live for nearly 60 years without having a headache. I didn't say headache symptoms never tried to attack me. I said I haven't had a headache in nearly 60 years because when a symptom came, I demanded that it leave in Jesus' Name, and it left!

If symptoms of sickness or disease try to attack your body, don't just accept them and go around talking about your troubles with others. Instead say, "In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, sickness and disease, leave my body!" When you exercise your authority by faith in the Name of Jesus, sickness or disease must go!

Remember, you're not demanding anything of God. You're demanding that demon forces stop their operations against you, because sickness and disease come from the devil, not from God. You are exercising your scriptural authority over the devil in Jesus' Name.

Jesus told the disciples to pray that God's will would be done on earth as it is in Heaven (Matt. 6:10). There isn't any sickness in Heaven and God doesn't want you to be sick here on earth. When you take authority over sickness or disease in your body in the Name of Jesus, you're just taking your place as a child of God with certain rights and privileges in Christ.

You're just exercising your rightful authority as Jesus told you to do in His Word! Just because Paul was an apostle, doesn't mean he was any more saved than you are. He didn't have any more authority over his body than you do over yours. But he exercised his authority. He brought his body into subjection.

Believe And Use That Authority
The Name of Jesus won't work for you just because you saw someone else use it. That Name won't work for you as it should until you apply yourself to study its meaning and its worth. You must be convinced of the Word of God for yourself and then act on the Word because you believe it's true. You need to know the authority God has given you in Jesus' Name, believe in that authority, and exercise it.

When you understand the authority you have in the Name of Jesus, you can also use that Name to break the power of the devil over unsaved people, particularly your unsaved loved ones.

I used the Name of Jesus for years, commanding sickness or pain or whatever tried to come against me to leave. As I used that Name, the symptoms left my body. But then I began to see that I could use Jesus' Name to break the power of the devil over my loved ones and claim their salvation.

In order to live the abundant life God has provided for us, each of us needs to clearly understand the power and the authority that's in the Name of Jesus, as well as our right to use that Name.

So meditate upon the scriptures which tell you who you are in Christ and reveal the authority you have as a believer. As you do, those scriptures will become a reality to you, and you will begin to exercise your right to live in complete deliverance from the bondage of Satan in the Name of Jesus!

Source: Classic Sermons by Kenneth Hagin.
Excerpt permission granted by Faith Library Publications