…the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God].
(Dan. 11:32 AMPC)
Life is all about who you know! The people who know God will be strong, stand firm and do exploits! I know that I want to be in that group. How about you? So, ponder this today: do you know God? I mean really know Him? Not just "know about Him.” Do you know Him?

There is a huge difference between knowing "about" someone and really "knowing" someone. The difference is a relationship! That's why God wants us to know Him - He wants a relationship with us! He doesn't just want us to listen to others debate "about" Him or read great, Christian best-sellers that talk "about" Him. He wants us to know Him in a very personal way.

When I reflect on my life with the Lord, there were a lot of years I just knew some interesting religious facts "about" God and "about" Jesus, but I didn't know Him personally. That has changed over the past 30 years and these days, I can say – "I know Him!" (The best part is that, like many of you, I have barely scratched the surface of His Person – there is so much more of Him to know.)

If you find yourself facing fear, anxiety, instability or uncertainty, now is the time to know God! I mean really know Him. Let me encourage you, here's what I've come to know about God and you can too…

He's good - always. He's faithful. He's true to His Word. He's fair. He's merciful. He's generous. He's a giver. He gives nice things. He extends a lot of grace. He's patient. He's fun and He makes me laugh. He likes my singing. He heals. He empowers me daily. He's changed and transformed me so much, I hardly recognize myself. He strengthens me and gives me courage. He delivered me from all my fears. He set me free from too many things to mention. He's truthful. He's encouraging. He's been my Comforter when things are tough. He's my closest Friend and easy to talk to. His voice is still and often quiet. He speaks in a language I understand when I read His Word. His Presence is tangible and full of joy. He's never depressed. He's always there. He never leaves. He's as real – and perhaps more real to me – than anyone I know.

Those who know God will be strong and do exploits! It's all about Who we know. I pray that this devo encourages you to get to know Him better in the coming days. It’s never too late to start developing a relationship with the one true God!

Say It: Father, I want to know You. I really do. For real. I don't want to just know 'about' You, I want to know You personally. I want to walk with You. I want to talk with You. I want You in every area of my life. Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit – help me to know You better. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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