Recently I taught a message that was inspired by the teachings of Kenneth Copeland. In his notes, he made the scriptural statement: "If it isn't now, it isn't faith."

We know the scriptures that use the word "now" in conjunction with faith: "Now the just shall live by faith" and "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen." In Mark 11:22-26 we hear Jesus teaching the connection between saying and doing.

You must say to the mountain be thou removed and then you must act on what you just said. Believing is acting on what you have said according to the word and according to the desires of your heart. I am sure you know all of these things. This is faith 101.

Here is how it applies to your life in the world. If you are believing for that promotion today, speak it out and attach it to a scripture. Say, "That managerial position is mine according to ..." and then quote your scripture which promises favor or the desires of your heart. Here is the part most people leave out and therefore never achieve the position and the bounty that is rightfully theirs: Now act as if that position were yours.

If your superiors were to give you that position today, could you perform the tasks and assume the responsibility with the current skill sets that you have? You need to act on your faith by acquiring those skills because you expect to be promoted any day. You need to take a course or sit under somebody who knows the things that you desire to know and get paid for.

What happens when you do these things? It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You speak. You prepare for your answer and then your desired answer comes because you are prepared. Ask yourself what can you do today to move yourself into position for the answered prayer. You can read a book, take a course, learn from a mentor and other things.

In the realm of investments this is true as well. Many people wait around until they get that chunk of cash before they ever think about getting money to work for them. "You have to have money to make money." "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer." These are the lines of the uninformed and the stagnant. Or others say, "I would have no trouble making investments and taking risks if I just had the cash." This is the mantra of the self-deluded.

You have what you need. Say to the mountain be thou removed. Speak to your lack and expect it to be removed. Then ask yourself, "What can I do today?" Today I can skip lunch and save that cash in the event that an investment opportunity will come my way. If I skip two lunches a week for a year I can save over $500. Then I can begin to build my stock portfolio. If I cut my cable back from super cable I can save another $220. I will have more money working for me.

You need to begin to think about these things. Change your own oil. Cut your own grass. Take the money saved and put it to work for you. Then you will be in position to receive money from money and you will have money working for you instead of you working for money.

Wealth comes to the man who uses his faith by saying and doing NOW. So ask yourself, "What can I do today?" Move your feet in the right direction. God will move mountains for you, but you always need to take the first step.