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Sometimes we don't think God is big enough to do anything for us, so let me tell you how big God is.

My kids take part in the science fair at our school, which is an eventful time of the year. While they are working on their projects, our house get turned into trash for about seven days, and it looks like a tornado has run through it.

Their projects have included growing plants and creating funguses. It's a weird time of the year, but we survive it.

My older daughter was interested in astronomy, so during her project we were looking at the sun, the planets and their moons. I discovered just how amazing our universe is. It's a big place!

Through the use of the Hubble Space Telescope, we are able to see things we didn't even know existed. There are some 50 billion known galaxies out in space, and we live in one of them, the Milky Way, which is among the smallest of all those galaxies.

If you go out at night, you can look up and see the Milky Way. The galaxies are hundreds of thousands of light years apart.

There are some 30 billion suns in our galaxy alone. The sun in our solar system is one of the smallest of those 30 billion, yet the earth is a million-and-a-half times smaller than our sun.

Natural Questions
Now when I was growing up, I had a tough time trying to figure out what God looked like.

I remember asking my dad such questions as: "What does God look like? Does He have a long beard and white hair? What does He do all day long? Does He ever get bored?"

"No, son, God isn't bored; He's just there. Remember He told Moses, 'I AM THAT I AM.'"

I heard Dad say that to me, but it didn't really register. So then I asked him, "Well, when was God born?"

"He wasn't born, son; He just is."

"But everybody has to be born, Dad. We have to start somewhere."

"No, son, God never started."

I once read an article about the space shuttle, which commented: "We are very pleased with the space shuttle program, except for one thing: We wish we could design it to achieve the speed of light. If it could achieve the speed of light, we could do some long-range space exploration."

Time Standing Still
Scientists discovered years ago that at the speed of light, or 186,000 miles per second, time could cease to exist in space. On a space mission traveling at that speed, an astronaut could take 40 years out and 40 years coming back. When back on the earth, he wouldn't have aged while the people here would be 80 years older.

Let me give you an idea of how fast that is. Let's say you point a .22 rifle into the air and pull the trigger. If that bullet traveled at the speed of light - 186,000 miles per second - it would have circled the earth seven times before you even took your finger off the trigger.

Everything Just Is
Now, lining this up with the Word of God, the Bible says that God is light (1 John 1:5). That's why there is no time in heaven; everything just is.

My dad, who was a real character, always had to be on time. He was always looking at his watch, saying, "What's the schedule? What time is it? Where are we going?"

So after he went home to be with the Lord, the kids were saying: "Can you just imagine Grandpa getting up this morning in heaven? He doesn't have a watch, so that's driving him nuts. He must be rubbing his wrist raw, thinking, What are we doing today?"

Let's suppose there was a conversation between two people in heaven, going something like this:

"Well, how long have you been here?"

"Oh, about 1,400 years."

"Well, I've only been here 22 days. I'm just getting used to the place."

People in heaven are not aware of time. Heaven has no concept of time - no sun, no moon, no yesterday, no tomorrow. I would call heaven an "Is" place.

Now let me tie all of this together. I want you to realize how big God is.

Let me tell you, in our own galaxy - the Milky Way, the smallest of all the 50 billion galaxies we know about - there are 100,000 light years from one side of it to the other.

Let's say, for example, I could get into my pickup truck, leave this earth and cruise up into space. If I kicked it into high gear, traveling at 186,000 miles per second, it would still take me 100,000 years to go from one side of our galaxy to the other, and our galaxy is the smallest.

How big is it out in space? Our brain will never reach there, and we can't even think of it. It's big - even bigger than Texas! And it took no effort for God to create it; He is even bigger than that!

Source: God Knows How To Raise Your Kids Even If You Don't
by Joe McGee
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers

Author Biography

Joe McGee
Web site: Joe McGee Ministries
Joe McGee, author, national conference speaker, father, and former school administrator, is the founder and director of Joe McGee Ministries, Inc. and Faith For Families Ministries.

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