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Why is it so important not to live in fear? Fear is a tool of the devil. He uses it to try to destroy you. When you became born again, you received a benefits package that states that your life has been redeemed from destruction (Ps. 103:4).
Fear is prevalent in our society. It seems that the media is dedicated to feeding and exploiting the fears of people. We must, therefore, guard against what the world tries to pump into our systems by standing on God's Word.

Why is it so important not to live in fear? Fear is a tool of the devil. He uses it to try to destroy you. When you became born again, you received a benefits package that states that your life has been redeemed from destruction (Ps. 103:4).

Once you have an understanding of what fear is, you will then see that you can't tolerate it in your life for one more moment. Some people have said that you have to cope with and manage fear—that there are good fears and bad fears.

That's just crazy! There's no such thing as a good fear; all fear is bad.

In Revelations 21:8, we are told that fear is in the same class of sin as murder, adultery, and sorcery. This "sin" that people have told us to tolerate will open the door for all types of destruction to manifest in your life.

Why would you want to tolerate fear? You must get rid of it, and you must be intense in your attack against it!

The Alarm Went Off!
I remember how I was once overtaken by fear. At that time, I paid attention to the news and all the bad things that were going on in the world. I remember one time when my husband, Creflo, was out of town and I was home with the girls.

In our house we have a certain door that we prefer for everyone to use. Our son, Jeremy, was no longer living at home but decided to stop by the house very late that night. That was fine; however, he came through the wrong door and set off the alarm.

My God! I was so afraid that I didn't know what to do. The devil screamed in my ear, "You're going to die tonight!" I grabbed my gun, no questions asked. At that time I had more confidence in it than in angels. I said to myself, "If the angels miss him, I'll be here to back them up."

The devil defeated me that time. I have since learned the importance of combating the spirit of fear so that it never shows up.

I've learned that I have been delivered from fear (Heb. 2:14-15). If God dwells in me, then fear can't. I have been delivered from the fear of death and danger and so have you.

Use Wisdom For Protection
It is important that you understand your responsibilities in the natural realm. There is no question that you have a right to safety and protection; however, as a Christian, you should always exercise wisdom.
Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore, get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
(Prov. 4:7)
Use wisdom in the security of your home, when traveling, shopping or even in everyday living. Here are a few natural ways to guard your and your family's physical well-being:
  • When you travel, know exactly where you are going as well as the route that will get you there and back.
  • Always tell someone where you are going, how long you will be there, and when you will return.
  • If you don't already have one, get a cellular phone. It will be an invaluable asset if you become lost, have car problems, or feel as though you're in trouble.
  • If an unmarked vehicle flashes its lights to "pull you over," you are not required to do so immediately. Since anyone can purchase a flashing blue light, you probably shouldn't stop. Acknowledge the car, and indicate to the driver that he or she should follow you to a safe, well-lit location where there are lots of people. Use your cellular phone to call 911, and tell the operator what is happening. Ask the operator to send a marked law enforcement vehicle to your location. This also applies to when you are driving at night and there isn't a safe place to stop.
  • Whenever you give your car keys to a mechanic or valet, be sure to give only the specific key needed. It is easy for somebody to make a copy of your other keys, which may lead to an unwanted surprise.
  • Always be alert to your surroundings. Scan the area and the people around you. Be observant. If someone approaches you and you get an uneasy feeling, don't be afraid to leave. It might be the Holy Spirit warning you.
  • Create a roadside emergency kit to keep in the trunk of your car. In it include: two roadside flares; a quart of oil; a small first aid kit; extra fuses; a flashlight; any type of multipurpose tool which has pliers, wire cutters, a knife, a bottle opener, screwdrivers or files; a tire inflator; rags; pen and paper; and a help sign. You can add more specific items depending on the season, such as a blanket or an ice scraper for winter.

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Web site, also lists the following useful information that is essential for everyday and wartime living.
  • Assemble an emergency kit. You can create a kit for your home that contains: a change of clothes, sleeping bag(s), canned and dried food, a gallon of bottled water per person per day, a flashlight, a battery-powered radio, extra batteries, medicine and toiletries.
  • Set up a family communication plan. During a disaster it can be hard to reach each family member. Create a plan that everyone knows, such as designating one safe place for the family to meet or have everyone call an out-of-state friend or relative in case you can't get in touch with your immediate family.
When you acknowledge God in everything, He will direct you (Prov. 3:6). Avoid being so spiritually minded that you neglect to use "natural" wisdom.

There is nothing wrong with finding the balance between spiritual and natural wisdom. By using the common sense God has given you and refusing to neglect the promptings of the Holy Spirit, you will live a long, balanced life for God.

Creflo Dollar Ministries
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Taffi L. Dollar
Web site: Creflo Dollar Ministries
Taffi Dollar is a celebrated author, teacher, and well-known conference speaker. Together with her husband, Creflo Dollar, she pastors more than 30,000 active members at World Changers Church International, World Changers Church-New York, as well as a host of fellowship churches throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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