Intimacy and awakening were two words we received on Rosh Hashanah for this spiritual year. Recently in the Capitol of Podgorica our covering church had its most successful outreach to date!


A former drug dealer lady (trophy of grace) from California testified of her healing from hepatitis C, leukemia, and cirrhosis of the liver last year. Among more than 80 individuals and 40 visitors who came, eight received Christ as their personal Savior.


We’ve also been hosting six weekly pre-Christmas outreach café meetings in the main provincial town with new Serbs in attendance. With no interpreters available, Joel has to teach in Serbian. Thirty three years ago, a Serb medical colleague of Joel’s led him into the fullness of the Holy Spirit! It’s amazing how the teaching anointing automatically has fruitful effects.


We want to say thanks so much for your support this past year in which we’ve ministered in Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia, America, Montenegro, and the Czech Republic. One highlight was the annual ministry in Prague which was attended by more than 500 people from all the Oasis churches as well as the Bruntal, Olomouc and Sternberk churches in Moravia.


In Prague, over 20 received the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our sessions in an amazingly quick way. There was also such a new spirit of awakening in the Moravian churches instead of their former lethargic state after the post Communist revival!


Four people received Christ in the Moravian meetings. In addition there were multiple words of knowledge, and hands were laid on dozens more. It has been a privilege representing you these 25 years in Europe.