Many years ago after attending a Christian university and majoring in theology, my wife and I joined a little denominational church of about 300 members. Even though I was quite young at the time, I was asked to become the leader of the men's fellowship within the church. I was honored, so I accepted.

I thought that I had been asked because of my vast knowledge of the Bible. After all, I had been a Bible student at a Christian university. However, I later found out that they had asked most of the men in the church and they had all declined and I was the last resort.

It was a humbling discovery.

Anyway, as director of the men's fellowship, I was automatically put on the church planning committee and I anxiously awaited the first church planning meeting.

The meeting was in the basement of the parsonage. The committee consisted of the Women's Missionary Union leader, the Sunday School superintendent, the chairman of the board of deacons, myself, and the pastor's wife.

The pastor's wife was the committee chairman and opened the meeting by asking what progress had been made concerning the Halloween party for the youth of the church.

Several suggestions were discussed, but after each suggestion the pastor's wife would make the same comment, "Last year the party was so good. How can we top it this year?" It seemed as though every recommendation made did not measure up to the previous years' party.

Since this was my first committee meeting, I wanted to keep quiet, but my curiosity got the best of me. I asked, "What did the church do last year that is so difficult to top?"

The pastor's wife leaned over and placing her hand on my arm, she said, "Last year we got a large round table and brought it down here to the parsonage basement. We covered it with a white tablecloth, lit candles, brought in all the teenagers in the church and had a seance. It was great!"

I couldn't believe my ears. It was my first and my last committee meeting.

How can we truly believe the Word of God and knowingly worship Satan? What an abomination!

Many Christians today see nothing wrong with Halloween parties in the church. Allowing the children to dress and imitate witches, vampires and demonic beings is common today. Somehow the modern church has become so humanistic that it sees nothing wrong with demon worship.

Recently, I received a notice in the mail from a large, local church. It was an invitation to a church party and my family was invited. In the center of the invitation in large letters was the main attraction.

The church had hired a "REAL WITCH" and a "REAL FORTUNE TELLER" for the party. When I called the pastor and asked him how God felt about bringing Satan worshipers into the church to entertain the children, his reply was shocking. "At our church we don't actually believe that the devil and demons exist. We believe evil is a concept."

That's exactly what Satan wanted him to believe. Satan knows that if he can make us believe that he is not real, that he is a "concept," then we will not war against him. After all, how do you cast out a concept?

The Bible says in 3 John verse 11, "Beloved, do not imitate what is evil, but what is of God. He who does good is of God, but he who does evil has not seen God."