"Eternal life is to know you, the only true God, and to know Jesus Christ, the one you sent" (John 17:3).

The Amplified Bible says that we might "know - perceive, recognize, become acquainted with and understand You, the only true and real God." This is quality of life - to know God.

Did you know it is possible to know the Bible backward and forward and still not know the Author? The very Word of God is His thoughts, His character is revealed through the Word. God not only wants us to study His Word but to be in His presence.

Imagine trying to apply the Word of God to your life without knowing the Author, without fellowshipping with the Person of God Himself. Your life would be very dry. You would lack results and power in day to day life and in prayer. You have to KNOW Him.

God desires to have a relationship with you, where you constantly fellowship with Him. Quality of life is dependent on how cultivated your relationship with Christ is.

How do you cultivate a relationship? You spend time with Him, in His presence. When you read His Word you're not simply reading just to read, but with the intentions of finding out more about His character.

Just as building friendships, this too requires asking questions, digging in deep to find out the secrets, and simply taking time out of the day to share things with Him.

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