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Wake up in the morning and say, "Praise the Lord Oh, I'm so glad for this new day! Thank you, Father, for Your great plan of redemption! Thank You for the Blood of Jesus! I place the token of the Blood between me and mine and all the power of the enemy."

One day, years ago, the Lord made this scripture come alive to me.

"And in nothing terrified by your adversaries: which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God" (Phil. 1:28).

The Bible instructs us not to be terrified by our adversaries. It further specifies "in nothing," in no thing. Just by doing this we send them "an evident token." Remember "token" means sign. An evident sign is one easily seen. Just not being terrified by our adversaries sends them an easily read sign. A sign of what? Of their "perdition." Perdition means doom.

The day the Lord revealed this to my spirit, I saw it like this. When we are not terrified, it's like we put up a huge blinking neon sign in the face of Satan and his demons. "You're doomed! You're doomed!" the message flashes.

And that's not all it says. The Bible says it is to them "an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation...." It also blinks, "I'm saved! I'm saved! I'm redeemed! I'm redeemed!"

Satan and demons are not all-knowing. They don't know your heart. They can only read your countenance. And they are observing you. The original Hebrew of the following verse shows us that: "Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies" (Ps. 27:11).

This is one of my favorite Psalms. So I read it often. When I got a new Bible recently it had a reference to the last phrase that my previous Bible did not have. It gives the original Hebrew of "mine enemies" as those which observe me.

I ran a reference and found this in the original Hebrew of other scriptures. What kinds of signs are you sending those who observe you?

If you are not afraid, they won't stay around to read, "You're doomed! You're doomed!" When you get up in the morning, send the right signals. Don't say, "Oh, I'm so depressed." Those who observe you will laugh with glee and stay around to feed your mind with fear and sadness.

Say, "Praise the Lord Oh, I'm so glad for this new day! Thank you, Father, for Your great plan of redemption! Thank You for the Blood of Jesus! I place the token of the Blood between me and mine and all the power of the enemy."

Those who observe you will flee as if in terror!

Going About Safely in These Last Days
We never take groups to Israel unless we know it is the will of God and that we have the timing of God. "There is no safer place than the center of God's will," I wrote to my parents some years ago to assure them after terrorists trained in Libya attempted to enter Israel from the sea near the school where I study.

About that same time a crazed man had killed several people in a post office in Edmond, Oklahoma. You would have thought the safest place in the world was the post office in Edmond. But, no, the safest place is the center of God's will.

Every morning when we start our day on the tour bus, we read aloud together Psalm 91. Every verse is alive with meaning to us. And we trust its provision implicitly. Then we quote Revelation 12:11. And we place ourselves under the protective power of the Blood of the Lamb. Usually, we sing a chorus of the old song, Under the Blood.

Years ago, a great man of God, so like Jesus, Brother Philip Halverson, said to my husband in an airport when Kent was feeling the pressures of travel, "Isn't it good to go about in the service of the Lord?"

That's how I see my life. And the lives of all committed Christians. We simply go about in the service of the Lord. How wonderful it is that we can go about under the Blood. But we must display that token with our mouths.

You can walk around the place where you work or go to school and say, "In the Name of Jesus I draw a Blood line around this place Satan cannot cross." I believe no terrorist can cross a Blood line drawn in faith.

Put up the right signs. Put up the token of the Blood. Put up the sign of faith.

Jesus is Coming Soon!
When Jesus gave the signs preceding His coming He instructed us, "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh" (Luke 21:28).

Hallelujah! Jesus is coming soon! Satan is headed to the pit!

And until that day, we will overcome him with the Blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimonies, and the commitment of our lives to God. Thank God for illumination into the power in the Blood of Jesus and how to access that power in our everyday lives by pleading the Blood.

Billye Brim Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.


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Billye Brim
Web site: Billye Brim Ministries
Billye Brim is blessed to work with others across the Body of Christ. She strongly believes in walking out what Scripture teaches that we are one Body, with one Head, one Spirit, one Lord. First Corinthians 10:32 is foundational in Billye Brim's ministry. The "good works that He has ordained that she should walk in" involve activity among the Jews, the Nations, and the Church-all to the Glory of God.

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