You can be a companion to Jesus. Called into companionship means to go where He is going, to do what He is doing. You are no longer linked to the darkness in this world, but He has delivered you from darkness and shone His light within you.

Light now shines in you, the light of the Gospel, and that is where the power is.

A companion is one who walks side by side with another. Not tagging along far behind, but together—united. We walk in light with Him. We were in darkness, but He has brought light into us.

Ephesians chapter five from the Weymouth translation says this:
There was a time when you were nothing but darkness. Now, as Christians, you are Light itself. Live and act as sons of light…for the effect of the Light is seen in every kind of goodness, uprightness and truth.
(Eph. 5:8-9)
As a companion to the Author of Light, you reveal the effects of that light in your inner being. You demonstrate His goodness. You walk in uprightness. You manifest the truth. This is when your participation begins to come.

As you demonstrate that His goodness is toward people everywhere, those around you see God in a new perspective. It is His goodness that leads men to repentance.

God's light in you has a dual effect. First, it frees you from the effects that darkness and corruption had upon you. Second, it flows out of you in the form of goodness, uprightness and truth. These are powerful forces that bring God's abilities to the forefront through you.

Notice First Peter 2:9 from the Phillips translation:
But you are God's "chosen generation," his "royal priesthood," his "holy nation," his "peculiar people"—all the old titles of God's people now belong to you. It is for you now to demonstrate the goodness of him who has called you out of darkness into His amazing light.
(1 Peter 2:9)
God is reproducing Himself in you! He will show Himself to the world through you. Begin the adventure of unhindered fellowship with your Heavenly Father. Make communion with Him your number one priority.

Source: Knowing God Intimately by Dennis Burke.
Excerpt permission granted by Dennis Burke Ministries