He refreshes and restores my life (my self).
(Ps. 23:3 AMP)
God is in the restoration business. "Restore" means to bring back into existence or to an original state. God desires to restore the "lost child" in us—those childlike qualities we have lost by being forced to grow up too quickly or because of various negative circumstances.

Satan is out to destroy children, and God is out to protect them. Satan tried to kill both Moses and Jesus when they were babies. In sharp contrast, Matthew 19:13-14 says that Jesus rebuked the disciples for preventing the children from coming to Him.

He also said that unless we become like children, we cannot inherit the kingdom of God (Matt. 18:3). We are to take on a free, lighthearted nature—to become loving, forgiving, trusting, and carefree.

Because of the loss of childlikeness, many adults are dealing with tremendous emotional problems that are damaging their relationship with God, themselves, and others. But in John 10:10 AMP, Jesus said that He came that we may have and enjoy life.

In order for the child in you to be restored, you must lean on God continuously for everything you need. I encourage you to look for the humor in things and to relax, trust God, and take Him at His Word. Over time the lost child in you will be found and restored.1

Make Your Day Count
Think of one childlike quality you have lost,  and ask God to begin restoring it today.

1 Joyce Meyer,  Life in the Word magazine (Fenton, MO: Life in the Word, Inc./Joyce Meyer Ministries, July 2003) pp. 5-6.

Source: Make Your Day Count Devotional for Women
by Lindsay Roberts
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers