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The word alone means, "isolated" or "secluded." A single person although content in who they are, does not want to feel secluded or isolated. To get rid of those feelings, he or she may choose to surround themselves with others and establish a relationship with them.

That doesn't mean they need someone else to fill a void in their lives; they simply enjoy the company of others. However, most people who feel insecure or inferior tend to swing from one extreme to the other. They either enjoy isolation and seclusion or they constantly surround themselves with people to avoid being alone with themselves.

Neither extreme is healthy. A truly single person is happy with who they are and looks for companionship as a means of settling temporary feelings of being lonely. I used to think that Adam was lonely in the Garden of Eden.

All the animals in the Garden had another animal to be with; a bird had a bird and an elephant had another elephant, but Adam had no one. I forgot that God was Adam's companion and that they communed on a daily basis.

Contrary to what I thought, Adam was so content in his singleness, he didn't even realize anything was missing in his life! Because he had been made in God's image, he didn't lack anything.

God, however, didn't want Adam to be without human companionship, so He created Eve. That didn't mean Adam stopped communing with God once Eve was around. Rather, they spent time with Him together.

Adam didn't need a wife. God never said that Adam was an incomplete being, just someone who might benefit from the companionship of another single person. He didn't create a wife to complete him, but to complement him!

The Same Is True Today
The same promise of intimacy that Adam knew with God is still true for us today. God tells us that we are promised to Him forever, and He will be a partner with us in righteousness, judgment, lovingkindness and mercy (Hosea 2:19).

In other words, we are spoken for! If you don't have a physical companion, you already have the best Mate around! Your wholeness and uniqueness should be founded on the truth that God has already chosen you as His.

Just as in your relationships with others, intimacy with God is built over time. You can't get to know someone without spending time with that person. Intimacy comes through open and honest communication.

The more you communicate and spend time with God and His Word, the Bible, the deeper your relationship becomes. He will commence to reveal Himself (His characteristics) to you and through you to others.

He will dwell in you, walk with you daily and lead you into all truth. By enjoying God as your Companion, you position yourself to experience and enjoy true singleness. Too many people spend their time trying to find their life partner rather than enjoying their singleness.

Instead of spending so much energy on fruitless searches, concentrate on putting first things first. With God as your companion, and friends to ease the discomfort of loneliness, you can focus on enjoying your singleness and allow the gift of a spouse to be presented to you.

Marriage is simply an added fringe benefit! Remember, the relationship you have with your heavenly Father is what lays the foundation for a successful marriage.

Source: The Successful Family by Creflo and Taffi Dollar
Excerpt permission granted by Creflo Dollar Ministries

Author Biography

Creflo A. Dollar
Web site: World Changers Church International
Creflo Dollar is a founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International (WCCI). He's a world-renowned Bible teacher, sought-after conference speaker, and bestselling author with hundreds of books, CDs, and DVDs in distribution worldwide. Recognized for his cutting-edge revelation and humorous, pragmatic approach, he enables thousands to experience grace, restoration, healing, and financial breakthrough by applying simple, biblical principles to their lives. He is the author of such game-changing books as "The Radical Life of Grace" and "Why I Hate Religion", and his award-winning Changing Your World television broadcast reaches nearly 1 billion homes. His ministry includes an app available on mobile devices and smart TV's, a dedicated YouTube channel, and the Changing Your World Network, a 24-hour online channel. A thriving social media presence has allowed him to connect with World Changers worldwide.

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