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Question: I accepted the Lord about a year ago and am still the only one saved in my family. Nothing I say seems to get through to them. I want them to know Jesus. What can I do to show them that it is really better knowing the Lord?

Answer: Nothing you say gets through to them? It sounds like you're doing a lot of talking. Since they've become indifferent to the message, I am going to ask you to do something that might seem harsh. My advice? Save your breath! Hush up and let your life do the talking!

You don't have to preach to your family to get them saved. You don't have to rant and rave, thump your Bible and scare them by telling them they're going to hell. Many people are won to Jesus simply by watching the changes He makes in a person's life.

You can talk 'til you're blue in the face. If your life doesn't change, nobody's gonna listen to you. So, let your light shine!

How do you let your light shine? Through the love of God. Learning to show it is the most practical thing you can do. Love softens the hardest hearts. It paves the way for salvation.

Most importantly, love breeds peace. And when you're living with unbelievers, peace is what you need.

What is God's love like? Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Whew! Love is heavy! But don't worry about it. When you got saved, Romans 5:5 says that the very same love was shed abroad in your heart. God's love was literally deposited into your heart by the Holy Spirit. It's in there. All you've got to do is practice using it.

Did you know that your family is sanctified because you are born-again? Sanctified means "set apart." Picture it. They're not totally in the devil's camp anymore. So, they don't feel completely comfortable sinning like they used to. And yet, they aren't saved so they don't feel completely comfortable in God's camp either.

They're stuck in the middle. And they don't fit in anywhere! It's uncomfortable for them. The Holy Spirit is tugging on their hearts to get saved and Satan is throwing his best shots at them to keep them from getting saved. Of course they're aggravated! You would be, too!

That's why letting your light shine and showing love is so practical. It's a lot easier to argue with a spouse who is preaching up a storm than it is to argue with one who is smiling and showing the love of God. It's hard for people to resist that kind of love. Love disarms hostility.

If they're so aggravated by it that they start an argument anyway, immediately swallow your pride, crucify your flesh and show love. Do your best not to retaliate in anger. Instead, sow mercy. Sow gentleness. Sow love. And don't fake it. They'll know if your heart doesn't line up with your words. So, be genuine.

If they still act like ugly, little demons, just remind yourself: it isn't really them, it is the devil that is motivating them. Shake off that anger and go into prayer. Prayer is the place where battles are won...not in your living room! So, pray!

Refuse to be discouraged by what you see. Hey, if Jesus would have went by what He saw, He would have never come down to earth! Instead, He believed His Father. And look what we've got today? Redemption from sin! Eternal life in Heaven! Jesus' faith worked!

So, don't go by what you see. Choose to believe God instead! Be strong! You're a Child of God and you've got promises about this sort of thing! Don't get weary in well doing. Build yourself up by spending time in prayer and by speaking the Word of God over your life.

Preach to yourself if you've got to. Whatever it takes, shake off that discouragement and build yourself up in faith. Your family will be saved. How can I be so sure? Because Deuteronomy 7:9 says that you've got the promise of your family down to a thousand generations! God said it. It's going to happen. It's just their tough luck they're related to you!

You've got a choice to make. Choose to let your light shine. Choose love today!

Jesse Duplantis Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission

Author Biography

Jesse Duplantis
Web site: Jesse Duplantis Ministries
Jesse Duplantis is a dynamic evangelist who has traveled throughout the world since 1978 preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries (JDM), which has its International Headquarters in America and additional offices in the United Kingdom and Australia.

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