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I remember how I had to hang tough after I was called into the ministry. The testimony I will share is a good example of how important it is for us to speak a vision into other people's lives, especially our children's.

I had been working in the wire manufacturing business for eight years when my wife and I decided to attend a Bible school in another state. So we had to pack all our belongings for a move to Oklahoma.

Just three days before we were scheduled to leave, I was offered a job transfer to West Virginia with a big raise. The promotion I had always wanted was dropped in my lap. That's how the devil will work—trying to sidetrack us.

But we refused to be sidetracked from our destination, either spiritually or physically.

We packed up everything we owned, filled the back of a large U-Haul truck and headed for Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa.

When we got there, we checked into a motel. I just picked out Howard Johnson's as we were driving down the highway. Then I went to a real estate agency to see about a place to live.

When I walked in, I said to the real estate lady, "We're looking for a house to rent. We've been believing God for a three-bedroom with a garage and a fence around the backyard." (I was very specific with my description, because the more specific you are with God, the more specific He is with you.)

Our conversation lasted maybe thirty seconds. She said, "No, we don't have anything. With Bible school starting, the city is packed. You probably won't find anything."

And we didn't! There were no houses or apartments to rent, and there didn't appear to be any jobs available. We couldn't even find a place to store our furniture. Plus, I had just 24 hours to turn in the rental truck.

Back at the motel, my wife and I were sitting there in the room feeling as if we had really missed God. It was a hot summer day, and I was discouraged. I thought, I have left behind my whole career—everything! I thought I was following God, and God isn't even here. What are we going to do now?

Denise was looking at me, and I just sat there with tears in my eyes, wondering. What have I led my family into? I had been down on my face interceding until there were rug burns on my forehead!

Spiritual Support
Finally, I called back home to my pastor. In misery, I cried out: "Pastor, I missed God! I just don't know what's happening! God isn't here, and I don't know how I missed Him. I'm going to West Virginia to get my job back."

But my pastor said, "Now wait, Joe; you need to be quiet a minute."

Then his wife, Arnelle, got on the phone. She said: "Joe, I'll tell you what we're going to do: we're going to pray for the Lord to send the angels out and just get you a place right now, in Jesus' name."

When she said that, I thought to myself, Gee, my pastor's wife is a real flake!

Denise could hear my end of the conversation. I was saying, "Really? Really? Okay Arnelle, angels are going to get me a house. Fine. Well, praise God."

Just as people do sometimes, I was agreeing with Arnelle as much as I could and sounding better to her than I really felt inside.

When I hung up the phone, I flipped my chair around, sat down and rested my feet on the side of the bed.

I saw that Denise was putting some things in her pocketbook, so I asked, "What are you doing?"

"Well, if angels are going to get us a house, we have to put some feet to this faith. We have to go."

"I'm not going anywhere," I said. "Arnelle said the angels of God would have us a house in the next 20 minutes. If I'm going to work for God and follow Him, then He had better do something now, or I'm not going anywhere with Him."

I sat just like that. I noticed one of those battery-operated clocks hanging on the wall, so I sat there in that chair just watching the clock.

Denise must have thought, My husband has gone crazy! I thought I had a man of God who was leading us someplace.

Then she said, "Don't you think we ought to at least make some calls—or something?"

"I'm not calling anybody," I said. "If God is God, He needs to show up now. He said for us to test Him, so I'm testing Him. He said to prove Him, so I'm proving Him." Then I said, "God, You had better do something right now."

As I sat there watching that clock, 17 minutes went by. Then, all of a sudden, the phone rang.

I thought, Who in the world knows I'm here at Howard Johnson's?

When I answered, it was the real estate lady I had talked with when we first came to town. I don't even remember telling her we were staying at Howard Johnson's, but evidently I had.

She said, "Is this Mr. McGee who came into our real estate office day before yesterday?"

"Yes, it is. Who is this?"

After identifying herself, she said: "You're not going to believe this, but I just got a call. A house had opened up in Broken Arrow. I wondered if you were interested."

"What kind of house?" I asked.

"Well, it's a three-bedroom with a garage. It has a fence on three sides, but they're getting ready to put up a fence on the fourth side, and it's in the same block as the Bible school. Would you like to look at it?"

"Yes, I think we'll come over and take a look at it," I said.

Lesson Learned
I never laugh at anybody anymore when they start praying for me. I say, "Lord, I believe; just help my unbelief" ( Mark 9:24).

I have learned that sometimes it takes other people to speak a vision into our lives. So now I know the importance of speaking a vision into my children's lives.

Source: God Knows How To Raise Your Kids, Even If You Don't by Joe McGee
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers

Author Biography

Joe McGee
Web site: Joe McGee Ministries
Joe McGee, author, national conference speaker, father, and former school administrator, is the founder and director of Joe McGee Ministries, Inc. and Faith For Families Ministries.

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