"Creative Divorce" Isn't the Answer
Newsweek magazine, in the August 24, 1987 issue, printed an article titled, "How To Stay Married - The Divorce Rate Drops as Couples Try Harder to Stay Together."

The article described several different couples and their efforts to work out their marital problems. One statement in the report really struck me because of the way it confirms the Word of God - it just shows that even the world is admitting that what God's Word says is true.

Here's what it said: "The period of creative divorce we went through is going out of style," says Donald Wertlieb, associate professor of the Eliot Pearson Department of Child Study at Tufts University. "The suffering for grownups and children is phenomenal."

Satan will tell you that starting over is your only answer - that divorce is really just a fresh start. But that's a lie.

Even the world's experts are recognizing that "throw-away" marriages aren't the answer - "creative divorce" isn't the answer. Another marriage is not the answer.

God Will Help You
What is the answer? The Word of God! God's Word tells us how to solve our marriage problems. God created marriage. He knows how to make it work.

We need to go to the Creator of marriages and say, "God, how can we get out of this mess? How can we work out these problems? How can we have a beautiful marriage?" If you'll do that, God will help you. He can and He will!

Humble yourself before the Lord and say, "God, I want to please You. I want to do Your will. I don't like the situation I'm in but I want to please You. Help me have a beautiful marriage."

God will answer your prayer. He will begin to speak to you. And He'll show you what you can do to solve your problems. He'll get you out of your miserable situation if you will cooperate with Him.

Don't let the devil lie to you. God can make something beautiful out of your mistakes and failures. He can make blessings out of curses. He can remake the shattered broken pieces of your marriage into a vessel of honor, stronger and more beautiful than you ever hoped for! Protect what God has given you. Protect your wife. Protect your husband. Protect your children. Don't let the devil have what God has given to you.

Source: Six Lies the Devil Uses to Destroy Marriages by Lisa Comes
Excerpt permission granted by Lakewood Church