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It's important that you and your husband take time with each other. Just like any other human being, you need a day off for the family, a day of rest and refreshing.

Electricians can tell you if you overload a good circuit too long, it will burn out. We can avoid "burnout" in life and ministry by following Scriptural and natural guidelines. Take some time each week for rest and relaxation.

Don't feel condemned to spend time together, just the two of you, maybe for a meal or for a walk. Sometimes it may be late at night before going to bed, but whenever you can, find the time to share together.

Don't Forget About Prayer
Also, make time to pray together during your week. If possible, pray together daily. Many times we get up to pray together in our early morning prayer time. Sometimes we've prayed at night before going to bed.

Dr. Edwin Cole has said, "Prayer produces intimacy." We have seen that happen in our lives. You can share things on your heart with each other, and then there also is great power in the prayer of agreement between husband and wife (Matt. 18:19-20).

Prayer may seem awkward for a husband and wife at first if they've not been praying together before. May I encourage you to press past that awkwardness and into the power of agreement.

Establish time with your children. In order to keep family time, you and your husband may need to mark his calendar for this block of time. There will always be ministry needs, but there will also be needs in your children for time and love. Although you may not have every night free to be at home, the times you have at home can be quality and can meet the needs of your children.

You Have To Prioritize Your Time
Some people have a lot of time at their house but spend it watching TV or with everyone doing their own thing instead of doing something together to build relationships.

Relationships are built by communicating with each other and interacting together. You can find ways to accomplish this as you do things together. Also, as the children grow, include them in your work. Let them feel like they're a part of what you are doing. This also builds relationships with them.

Finally, have family devotion time together (apart from husband and wife prayer time) at some point of the day where you read and then have discussion and pray together. There's an old saying, "The family that prays together stays together." I believe that statement!

At night we have our family devotions. Usually my husband does the Bible reading. Sometimes we talk about it. Then we pray and put the children to bed. This can be interesting when all four children are little! Usually we have some enlightening conversations, too. But what a time of blessing it is!

Source: The Spirit-Filled Mother's Guide to Total Victory
by Harrison House Authors
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers

Author Biography

Sharon Daugherty
Web site: Victory Christian Center
Pastor Sharon Daugherty is the founding pastor of Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which she, along with her late husband Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty, established in 1981—today, it has a membership of 17,000. Together the Daugherty's established Victory Christian School, Victory Bible Institute, Victory World Missions Training Center, and the Tulsa Dream Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which provides food, clothing, medical, educational and recreational services to Tulsans

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