Palm Sunday is the recognition of the day one week before what we call Easter Sunday—the day we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Palm Sunday commemorates when Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly.

He knew He was going to ride into Jerusalem in triumph. He also knew what was going to happen a few days from then. Those very same people who would shout, "Hosanna" and lay their palm branches and garments on the ground as He came in would stand before Pilot and say, "We don't know the Man. Crucify Him!" (Mark 15:13-14).

Jesus knew He would be stretched on that Cross between Heaven and earth. He knew He was about to be crucified. But before that would happen, He would make a triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

Jesus told the disciples that there was a colt that no man had ever sat upon. He told them to go get that colt. Why did He do that? Why did He tell them to get this colt that had never been used?

Today, of course, we wouldn't use a colt to enter a city; we wouldn't use that mode of transportation. We would say, "Go get me a brand-new car, not a used one."

You see, God always has the best, and He doesn't settle for anything less! That was His will for Jesus, and that's what God wants for His people today.

God's perfect will for His people is that they come to the place where they have everything new. God wants you to have new clothes, a new house, and a new car that nobody else has had before!

When Jesus gave the disciples their instructions, they said to Him, "Well, when we get this colt and untie it to bring it to You, they are going to stop us. What are we to say?" Jesus answered, "Tell them that the Lord has need of it" (Mark 11:3).

The Lord doesn't want your leftovers. No, He wants your best. He wants your best years. He doesn't want you to wait until you get old before you decide to serve Him. Serve Him while you are the age you are now.

God wants your best in everything you have. He has need of what you have to finish His work.

The disciples of Jesus put their own clothes on that new colt for Jesus to ride on (Mark 11:7). They took off what they had on and prepared the colt for Jesus to ride into Jerusalem triumphantly.

The disciples understood that they should take what they had and give it to the Lord for His final service. May we go and do the same....

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