Today we're going to talk about blood. More specifically we're going to talk about the blood of Jesus. It might seem strange to talk about somebody's blood. In fact some people might think it's nasty or scary to talk it. But we don't need to feel this way when we talk about the blood of Jesus.

The truth is there's never been another person who has ever lived in all of history who had blood important enough to talk about. It's because there is no other person's blood that can compare to the blood of Jesus. No one else's blood can do what His blood can, nor has the power His has.

Among other things, the blood of Jesus can actually wash people's sin away. If you've never heard this before it must sound really strange! But let me show you what happens. When we do things we know we're not supposed to do, and disobey God's laws, it's called sin. When we sin something happens to us on the inside.

Every time we sin, we stain our hearts. It's like smearing slimy, filthy mud on our hearts. It's what we call a sin-stained heart. In the natural there is nothing we can do to clean up our own hearts. It leaves us feeling bad about ourselves. It makes us feel guilty!

God knew this was going to happen, so He made a plan to clean up our hearts, and take our sin and guilt away. It was forgiveness through the blood of Jesus, which came through His death on the cross. When we come to Him and ask Him to forgive our sins, and wash them all away, He does.

It just takes an instant of time when we come with a sincere heart. There's power in the blood of Jesus—enough power to wipe all our sins away!

The blood of Jesus takes our sin stained heart, and makes it as white as snow!

Source: School Of The Bible Part 2: The Blood of Jesus, p. 16 by Becky Fischer
Excerpt permission granted by Kids In Ministry International