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Quitting has become a way of life for many people today. They've just never learned how to become determined to win. They have very little tolerance for pressure and, consequently, they very seldom succeed at anything.

As you have probably already discovered, life isn't always fair. Bad things often happen to good people. Satan is no respecter of persons. He really doesn't care how good you are or how much you love God—he hates you and everything that you stand for.

That's why Peter said in 1 Peter 4:12, "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you."

Tests and trials are a part of life. You just can't get around this. However, this doesn't mean that you have to just sit back and take it. No, you have been told to "Fight the good fight of faith..." (1 Tim. 6:12).

James 4:7 tells us to: "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

The words "fight" and "resist" sound like we have a part to play in all of this. Being passive won't produce victory. Quitting under pressure won't produce success. I've said it many times in the past: Determine that quitting is no longer an option!

Quitting has become a way of life for many people today. They've just never learned how to become determined to win. They have very little tolerance for pressure and, consequently, they very seldom succeed at anything.

That's also why they usually don't last very long with the message of faith because it requires determination, discipline and perseverance. They don't like scriptures that tell them to "hold fast" or "cast not away" and "having done all to stand, stand." They like the benefits, but not the requirements.

Once again, let me remind you what it means to flourish and to thrive: To increase and to enlarge; to grow exuberantly; to abound; to expand and to thrust forward; and to enter into a prosperous state and to increase in wealth, honor and favor.

It also implies becoming extremely successful. This is God's desire for you during this new year. Remember, He specifically said that this is what would happen to the "faithful."

I'd like to submit to you a definition that the Holy Ghost recently gave me for faithfulness. He said, "It is the act of sticking with God no matter what happens in your life."

Many people tend to become offended at God when things go wrong or when they don't turn out the way they thought they should. That's why the author of the book of Hebrews makes this statement: "But we are not of them who draw back..." (Heb. 10:39).

As far as I can tell from reading the Bible, the only people that God rewards are those who are diligent or faithful.
But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
(Heb. 11:6)
Diligence is the quality of being constant. To be constant means to be resolute or to remain firm in purpose or pursuit. That's why we find in Jude 3 "...that you should earnestly contend for the faith...."

This tells us that there will be opposition, adversity and distractions. If you haven't determined that you will be "resolute," then you will more than likely give up when the pressure is on.

If you're ever going to experience God's best for your life, there has to come a time when you decide that giving up is no longer a part of your lifestyle.

Proverbs 28:20 says, "A faithful man shall abound with blessings...."

Notice that this is not promised to the quitter, but only to the faithful. The bottom line is that faithfulness is a choice: "I am not of them who draw back."

I didn't say that it is an easy choice, but it is definitely a choice that you must make if you want to be a winner. No one else can make this choice for you.

I can tell you this: the success that I am enjoying in my life today is the result of a choice I made about 40 years ago to "stick with God no matter what."

Yes, I've endured some hard times. Yes, I've faced what seemed to be impossible situations. And yes, there have been times when it looked as though I would not make it. But, I refused to give up!

I would not let go of the Word and I would not turn from God! And God has always come through just like He said that He would.

If you're determined to stick with God no matter what, then God has promised that He will cause you to flourish and to thrive. No matter what you might have to go through, I can promise you that it will be worth it all.

Jerry Savelle Ministries International
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Author Biography

Jerry Savelle
Web site: Jerry Savelle Ministries International
Dr. Jerry Savelle was an average, blue-collar man who was struggling and needed God's help. While he considered himself a "nobody," when he became a believer God told him not to worry about it because He was a master at making champions out of nobodies. God has since taken Dr. Savelle from being a constant quitter to a man who knows how to stand on the Word of God until victory is experienced. Because of the life-changing combination of God's faithfulness and Dr. Savelle's "no quit" attitude, his life is totally different than it was thirty-eight years ago.

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