Have you ever started the New Year with a list of resolutions as long as your arm? Or do you stick to just one BIG resolution?

Have you ever wondered WHY you ever even bother to make a resolution when you've never kept one yet? When your husband reminds you of the resolutions you made, have you ever answered back, "I said I'd do WHAT?" with a fake puzzled expression?

Or have there been some years when you've skipped making resolutions altogether, just so you don't have to feel guilty later about not keeping them? I hate to admit that I can relate to all of the above!

Knowing vs. Doing
Just what is a resolution and why is it so hard to keep? By definition, a resolution is a decision or promise to do something you know you should! But how many of you would agree that KNOWING you should do something and actually DOING it are two completely different things?

So why don't we just do what we said we would—those things we really should be doing anyway?

Most often, it's because we drag our feet and procrastinate, which means to intentionally and habitually put off doing the things that should be done (including New Year's resolutions)!

Most often, it's because the task just looks too big to tackle today. And so you put it off until another day...and then another day...and then another day.

So then, how do you stop doing that and follow through on the resolutions you make? Break your resolution up into smaller pieces, because too often we look a the "big picture" of what we need to do, and we become overwhelmed.

My mom has a saying, "Life is hard when you live it by the yard, but live it by the inch and it's a cinch!"

An example of this would be, if you make a resolution to clean your entire house every week this year, don't try to do it all in one day. Divide up all the things that need to be done and clean it over the course of the week.

You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to follow through on this resolution when you dust one day, vacuum another, do the bathrooms the next day, wash the floors another day, and clean the kitchen on the last day.

Or maybe you want to get your weight back down to where it was before you had the baby. You might feel so overwhelmed, you procrastinate to the point that instead of losing any weight this year, you gain some instead!

Yikes! Remember, "do it by the inch and it's a cinch!" Tackle just one pound every few weeks. And get excited about each pound you lose, and don't get after yourself that it's not coming off faster. Remember that with each pound lost, you're one pound closer to your ultimate goal!

So do you want to make New Year's resolutions that you keep this year? Then remember that when you make your resolutions, break them up into smaller "bite size" pieces.

Anything bigger might make you "choke" and give up before you've even begun! And then ask God to help you stop procrastinating and do those things you know you should do!

Psalm 37:5 says to commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him to help you do it, and He will!

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