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Christmas is my favorite time of year and I always look forward to it, but this Christmas has not been the same. I knew I was missing something this year because I was dreading Christmas. I asked God to help me, to show me why I was feeling so blue.

It didn't take long for God to answer, and I want to share with you what He showed me.

I had received a wonderful miracle in my life from God recently, and of course it should be a happy time, but hasn’t been. I had shared with my family and friends the miracle God was doing in my life and instead of positive responses I had negative ones—doubt to be exact.

God showed me that to receive His good news one would have to know Him and believe He does miracles. It was saddening to me, and I had a hard time with the rejection I felt along with the lack of acknowledgement given to God.

Then God began to show me that the rejection I felt is similar to what He feels when He is not believed. It saddens Him as it did me, to have such a wonderful thing to share and then go through the emotions, the heartbreak from those you love not believing you, or not believing in you—just by your word. Even though God has done the ultimate for us, He sent us His Son to keep us from being apart from Him, to show His love for us, we still reject that truth (Him), with our unbelief.

Then He shared with me that at Christmas, for many He is not acknowledged, let alone believed, just like in the miracle He is doing in my life. He shared with me how His heart is grieved that many of His children have no real knowledge of what Christmas is about, and it is because they don't know Him.

As I pondered these thoughts, I asked God to help me to live and have a deeper revelation of what Christmas should be. Not that I didn't already know what Christmas was about, but, I wanted more of His revealed knowledge—more of Him in my life.

He showed me more, He showed me that I had gotten too wrapped up in the physical part of the gift giving, not that giving gifts is not important, but He wanted me to give the gift of Him and His knowledge foremost. God wanted me to give to others the knowledge of Him, and the miracle of His giving that I had received from Him. To share Him with others and especially those who don’t know Him. He is the greatest gift, because He is the gift who so many don't know, but need.

God is what we lack in our lives, not things, not others’ opinions to our problems, not happiness, ete. We lack Him. He is our source and if we have Him, we have all we need. Issues we have in our lives that we try to solve with physical answers are really a lack of His revealed knowledge. We need God and His wisdom. We need to share His ways of doing so everyone can begin to know Him and live with Him. He is our gift to give, not just a gift we give once a year, but all year. We all need God all of the time.

During church on Christmas Eve while worshipping God, He asked me to do Him a favor, and of course I said, “Yes Lord I will do anything for You.” It wasn't what I had planned to do that evening, but I knew He had a purpose in it. As I agreed to put aside my plans for His, I could see His faithfulness again.

He wanted me to go and share more of the miracle He was doing in my life, instead of letting the rejection I felt overtake me. He wanted me to go and tell of His goodness and take the chance of being rejected again, for the sake of others knowing Him for who He really is.

God was increasing my revelation of what the real meaning of Christmas was about—Him being known. He was answering my request to apply His values in my life by having me go for Him, to tell His truth to those who didn't know Him as well as I did, even at the risk of rejection.

Think of what that says about God. He too is rejected by us, yet He keeps insisting to do good for us, He insists on not giving up. Just like His Word says, He never gives up or comes to an end. God’s heart is for His children. He always has His mind on His children—we are the most important to Him.

Another thing I see over and over again in my relationship with God is He is always working through those who are willing to go for Him, to get His truth known. Over and over again, He shows me His desperation for His children to know He is in love with them, He is there for them, and He is good.

Also on Christmas Eve we had news of a new baby to be born in our family. She wasn't expected until the following month, so it was a surprise when she arrived Christmas Day! Another revelation, a reminder, of His love for us, His Son sent to us on that Holy day. What a blessing to be given a baby on that Holy Day to remind of His love for us.

Children are gifts from God not just on Christmas but all year long, and only God gets the glory for new life! He is our Creator and the Creator of new life, whether recognized or not.

"Children too are a gift from Adonai; the fruit of the womb is a reward."
(Psalm 127:3)

Christmas isn't one day a year, nor is God, He has blessed us with His Son so that every day we can be near Him, live in Him, and He in us. His law is LOVE, and that law of love, as we live it, is what keeps us near to Him and full of His joy. We need God and He needs us to go and give to others the gifts He has entrusted us with.

Why does God want us to know Him? Why does He press past our rejection and insist on giving to us? Because He is in love with us, we are His children and He knows we don't have a full revelation of who He really is and the love He has for us. When we have that revelation is when we can truly receive God and His best for us. Thus, He continues to pursue us, His children, in whom He is in love with.

This New Year I would like to encourage you to make it a lifestyle to know Him more, to give of Him (Love), to live out the importance of life, and to show the true meaning of Christ the anointed One all year long.

Vision Eternity Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Lee Klein
Web site: Vision Eternity Ministries
Lee is excited to share her experiences and to encourage others in their pursuit to know God and to live in His good and perfect will, here and now-and for eternity. Lee reaches out to others all over the world with her teachings through her network ministry connection-Vision Eternity Ministries.

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