Who will roll the stone? they questioned,
Early on that Easter day;
When the women reached the garden,
Lo! The stone was rolled away.
    Angel hands had been before them,
    Wasted was their anxious dread;
    They, who thought to touch the body,
    Found a risen Lord instead.
In the garden of experience;
Does some rock of great defeat
Keep a dead Christ sealed before you,
Who was once alive and sweet?
    Christian, bear the spice of service
    To the place you left the Lord;
    There to find the tomb forsaken,
    Opened of divine accord.
There to turn and meet, with wonder,
In that hushed and holy place,
Jesus Christ, alive and precious,
Speaking with you face to face.
    Who will roll the stone? The wondered,
    Christian, question not today;
    Rise up early, seek the garden—
    God will roll the stone away.
Who will go to the highways and byways
To find those He died to save?
When no one seems to ponder or care,
For the price our God willingly gave.
    Angels cannot; many men will not,
    Proclaim the Son so freely sent.
    Who gave Himself on Calvary's Cross,
    As the Temple's curtain rent.
How beautiful are the feet of them,
Who proclaim the glorious story.
Misunderstood and counted as naught,
moving in God's anointing and glory.
    They go forth both far and near,
    To find each purchased one; whosoever will.
    Could it be you, my precious friend,
    Who will experience the glorious thrill?
Of seeking out and finding the lost and dying,
Of leading some soul to Him?
Of helping some seeker to be clothed in power,
As the Spirit fills them to the brim?
    When the saints are caught away,
    Will you have a tear in your eye,
    When those you have reached rise up,
    To meet our Lord in the sky?
Copyright © Wellspring Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.