Early one morning, not too many days ago, I woke up with the words "blood and water" going over and over in my head. I really could not remember the dream I had awaken from, but I did know the source of those words.

I immediately went to my Bible and began my search. Of all the gospels, John is the only one who makes mention of this particular scene from the passion of Christ. "But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water" (John 19:34).

As I read over the verses of scripture that came before, the Holy Spirit began to make connections and revelation knowledge began to flow. This particular happening in the crucifixion of Jesus often gets little attention and yet it holds such a marvelous mystery for us.

You see, the church came forth from the wounded side of our Lord. The church was born as a direct result of Christ's passion, or sufferings.

The correlation of this event and the "birth" of Eve, in Genesis 2:21-24, is extraordinary. Check it out! The first Adam did not have a "help-meet," so God took one out of Adam. Until that time Adam was the only one of his kind. Adam was flesh that God breathed His own life into. Man became a living soul.

After God took Eve out of the side of Adam while he was asleep, Adam declared that Eve was bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh. Eve also was a living soul.

The Word does not tell us that God did anything except take her from Adam's side and present her to Adam. Then it was established that man would leave his father and mother, cleave unto his wife, and they would be one flesh.

Now let's look at the story of Jesus and His crucifixion. First of all, Jesus was spirit first; then, He became man. He was the last Adam; He was a quickening spirit. After Jesus died, or fell asleep, the soldier cut into His side. Out of His side flowed blood and water.

Now, blood flowed from Jesus' head, hands, back, chest, feet, etc. But nowhere does it say that blood and water flowed from these areas. Blood flowed from the stripes on His back and purchased our healing. Blood flowed from His wounds for the forgiveness of our transgressions and iniquities.

Yet blood and water flowed from His side.

Raised Up By The Same Spirit
Praise God, we have been reconciled to God by His precious blood, which was the final blood sacrifice offered for sin under the old covenant!

If that were the entire story, it would be enough to praise God. However, Jesus did not stop there. Hebrews 12:2 declares, "who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God."

Ephesians 2:6 proclaims, "And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus."

Yes! The blood purchased our redemption; but, it was the water (the Spirit) that raised us up together with Him. From the heart of Him flowed life. God created us in Christ Jesus. Just like Eve, we are Christ's help-meet, taken from His very side. We are new creatures in Christ Jesus. We are bone of His bones and flesh of His flesh (Eph 5:30).

In 1 John 5:6, the Word declares that Jesus came by water and blood. We came into being the same way. We are the great mystery—the Church! Hallelujah! We are His bride; we are His body; we are His joy!

Prepared And Given To Him
The passion, or sufferings of Christ, had a mighty purpose. And, the soldier played a mighty part in the actions of that day at Calvary. He played the part of the midwife, assisting in the delivery of the church—the bride of Christ. Because of his action, the "water broke" and the church was born.

We are not just a by-product of God's grace and mercy. We are the help-meet prepared and given to the Son of God. We are the one that Jesus left His heavenly Father for and we are the one He cleaves to. Never forget who we are—who you are—in Christ Jesus.

We are the result of Christ's passion! We are His glorious bride! We are the Church!

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