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Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.
(Romans 13:7, NKJV)
In light of it being Father’s Day weekend, us Jones kids were given the privilege of writing today’s devo. We want to give honor to whom honor is due – all the dad’s around the world who are being celebrated this weekend. (Specifically our dad, who is an amazing man.)

It seems like a lot of men struggle with being a dad. But it’s really not that hard. We’re traveling in the car together as a family and we decided to brainstorm the traits of a good dad. Here’s some ways to go from a good dad to a great dad.

A great dad should…
  1. Be Transparent. Dad’s its okay to be real in front of your kids. It’s okay if you don’t always have it all together. This lets your kids know it’s okay if they don’t have it all together. You don’t always have to be mister right, either. Sometimes that attitude backfires and your kids won’t feel comfortable to communicate with you if they think their ideas will always be shot down. So just be real. Admit when you don’t know it all, and take the pressure off your kids to be perfect.
  2. Be An Encourager. For some reason many dads hold back words of encouragement, thinking it strengthens their kids when it actually does the opposite – it hurts them. Every kid seeks the approval of his or her father. We even see in Matthew 3:17 (NKJV) where God the Father told His Son Jesus that He approved of Him, “And suddenly a voice came from heaven, saying, ‘This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.’” So encourage your kids and let them know how proud you are to be their dad.
  3. Be Supportive. Simply put dads need to be there. Time is your most valuable possession and when you share that with your kids it shows them how valuable they are to you. Whether it be coming to their sporting events or just being a presence in the home – your children value time with their dad.
  4. Share His passions. It’s good to introduce to your kids the things that you’re passionate about. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles, golf or music, sharing your passions will give your kids the freedom to explore what they’re passionate about.
  5. Affirm His Children. Words are a powerful tool; they can be used for good or evil, they can build up or tear down. Dads need to choose their words wisely. It’s important to be intentional with your words and guard your mouth in the heat of the moment. Be quick to correct yourself if you have said something you know you shouldn’t have, your kids will respect you even more.
  6. Be Generous. One of the best investments you will ever make is in your kids. So be generous with your time, your words and your money. Be willing to share the things that you have. Don’t be stingy. It’s ok to make some sacrifices – don’t feel bad to put aside one of your own desires for an investment in your kids. You’ll find it will be totally worth it.
  7. Demonstrate the Love of God. The biggest role for dads is to show God’s unconditional love towards His kids. The words “I love you” can never be over used. A healthy hug or a kiss can go a long way in your kid’s life so that in the future they wont look in the wrong places for it.
  8. Be Forgiving. Your kids will mess up. Guaranteed. They will do “kid” things. So don’t be too harsh on them when they make a mistake, but be quick to reward a success. Don’t condemn them, coach them. Help train them to make right decisions, and let them know that no matter how much they blow it, you’re still their biggest support.
So dads – those are just a few things we wanted to share with you on what it looks like to be a great dad. Some of you are already excelling in all of these areas, but if you find you need to work on one or more areas, just ask the Lord for wisdom. He is our Heavenly Father after all and He desires to help you love your kids like He loves them.

Happy Father’s Day from the Jones kids,

Meghan, Annie, Luke and Eric

Say It:
Father, I thank You for the privilege it is to be a dad. I thank you for the other dads that I know as well. I pray that this weekend you help me to appreciate my father and the other dads that I know. Help me to give honor to whom honor is due. Most of all, thank You for being my Heavenly Father. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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