10. Paramedics have to bring in the Jaws of Life to pry you out of the La-Z-Boy.

9. The "Gravy Boat" your wife set out was a real 12' boat!

8. You receive a Sumo Wrestler application in your e-mail.

7. Friday you set off three earthquake seismographs on your morning jog.

6. Pricking your finger for cholesterol screening only yielded gravy.

5. A guest quotes a Biblical passage from "The Feeding of the 5,000."

4. That rash on your stomach turns out to be steering wheel burn.

3. Representatives from the Butterball Hall of Fame called twice.

2. You consider gluttony your patriotic duty.

And the No. 1 sign you overdid it at Thanksgiving dinner:

1. Your arms are too short to reach the keyboard and delete this. - Unknown

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