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Miracles are happening! Miracles are for you! Miracles are for your family! God has sent you messages all through the New Testament that declare His glory, His power and His miracles through out the holiday season!  

"Then suddenly there appeared with the angel, An army of the troops of Heaven, were all praising God and saying, Glory to God in the highest! (Luke 12:13-14 AMP).

There is a army, a Heavenly Knighthood that is waiting for your orders. When angels show up—it changes your life. When God shows up—it changes your life. When the Holy Ghost shows up—it changes your life.

Do you need some changes in your life? Then you know what to do: Get into worship and declare His Glory! See His supernatural favor come upon you in all areas of your life. 

There is a story that has been rolling around in my spirit for several days. It is about a recent race at Texas Motor Speedway called the Dickies 500 which is a NASCAR Sprint Cup Stock Race. The race takes place around the first weekend of November and is 501 miles long, which equals 334 laps.  

The weekend is a huge event with over 200,000 people at the races with over 50,000 people staying out at the campgrounds. The whole event lasts about four days with time trials, concerts and lots of things going on and tons of merchandise being sold to all of the race fans.  

Now everyone knows that race car drivers are supposed to drive as fast as they can to win the race.  To get to this race you have been driving for years, you have sponsors and you spend big money to get to this position to be able to even race. The semi trucks that carry the car, the tools and the equipment run about 3 million dollars each and the sponsors pay for most of that. Then you have the teams, the pit crews, the merchandise sales, concessions, motorhome villages, parking and the list goes on.  

This year's winner was Carl Edwards and his prize was almost a half million dollars. He drove a red Ford Car with the No. 99 on it with the main sponsor being Office Depot. Now, the way he won this race was nothing short of a miracle. Why? Because Crew Chief Bob Osborne starts talking to Carl on his headset around the last hour of the race and telling him to slow down and not run so fast, to slow down and not burn so much gasoline. Here he was winning the race and ahead and his guys are telling him to slow down. What is up with that?  

You can only imagine that it took everything in him to take his foot off of the pedal and slow down and let those other guys just pass him by. I'm sure those other guys wondered if he was having car trouble or why he was slowing down. He had to know this was risky, but he also had to know to trust those telling him what to do. 

His team  could see all the facts, all the details and everything going on with all the other drivers and they had a game plan to win the race. So Carl was able to go 69 laps without stopping for gasoline. Carl took the checkered flag and headed straight for Victory Lane to celebrate because He had won the race! 

God is telling us to slow down, trust Him and we will win. The victory is ours, and if we want to win then we must follow the instructions that God is giving us. God is telling us to come and spend time with Him, to slow down from the busy world and everything going on and instead  to come into the heart of God and to spend time with Him. When you slow down and spend time in his presence, then you will see His Glory manifested in all areas of your life.  

While the rest of the world is rushing around trying to find the best deal, trying to get all of their Christmas shopping done, and trying to force it all to come together, you instead  are resting in Him, enjoying your family and trusting Him to lead, guide and direct your every step. It will save you a lot of worry and stress. This is a great time to use your faith and take hold of the Word of God and to win the race.  

Nordyke Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Spencer Nordyke
Web site: Nordyke Ministries
Spencer grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and moved to Texas at the age of 17. He loves helping people meditate through the Word of God to so they can unlock God’s destiny for their lives. He has been playing guitar for years and loves to take people into the presence and glory of God.

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