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I asked my church, "What is the first thing that comes to mind when I mention the word Christmas"? I wanted them to be honest and I also told them not to get religious.

Now, I am asking you the same question. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it presents, cooking, or family? One person from my congregation said, "A hot stove."

But all in all, I realized that there was no celebration. Yes, the stove is hot! Yes, there are presents to buy. Be thankful you have a stove and something to cook. Be thankful you can buy something for Christmas.

But remember to celebrate life.

You have been given life eternal because you received the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, your Savior. You have a divine appointment with everyone you meet this season. The world is more open at this time than any other. But if you go around looking grim and with a sour face, no one will see Him. Celebrate Him!

You have hope when there seems to be none. You have health and the promise that He has supplied all your needs. Celebrate—do not dread getting together with your family. Yes there are those that are unsaved, but do not go in preaching to them or go with the attitude that you are the answer they need.

Celebrate and let your light shine.

I can remember when I was in Oklahoma; every holiday season I would pack up my children and head to Alabama to visit my family. I would get phone calls asking me, "Are you coming?"

I would go in to their home and celebrate. It was catching, and they would get excited and enjoy life. When I was not able to go I would get the same response: "It was not very good this year."

Not Perfect, but Good
It was not me; it was the fact that I was excited about Jesus and His birthday, and the fact that I had a life that was good because of Him. Not perfect, but good.

Quit looking at your cup as half empty; it is half full! When you begin to get excited and celebrate what you have, you will be a witness that there is something good. (I am reminded of the song, "Go Tell it on the Mountain.")

I am challenging you today. Put off the sackcloth and ashes, put off the mourning, put on the garment of praise and rejoice and be exceedingly glad; you have something to shout about—Jesus Christ was born!

Get excited and begin to celebrate life. You have life and it is good. You are not who you used to be. You are a new creation just because He came as a little bitty baby in a manger. You have a lot to shout about and to be thankful about.

A Christmas Memory
I can remember when I had not been in the ministry but a few years, and four of my six children were still at home (the older two were married) when they decided they wanted bicycles for Christmas. I was a spirit-filled Methodist pastor, and my salary was $50 dollars a month.

Now, I did not know the principles of faith, but I did know Philippians 4:19 and I knew how to pray. I could not do what they wanted but I knew that My Jesus could. I went about doing the usual things, like baking a sheet cake and decorating it as a birthday cake for Jesus.

I had a miniature manger scene that I put on it. It was nothing fancy but we were always excited about it. It came down to Christmas Eve. I had not told anyone about the bikes. The children were all in bed and all their presents were laid out.

I heard a knock at the front door. I answered it and there stood a brother from church. He said, "I am sorry I am so late, but I got held up at work. The Lord told me to bring these by for the children."

And there they were, not just the four brand new bicycles they asked for, but there were five…including one for me so I could ride with them! I just sat down and cried at how good our Jesus is.

Now, He is someone to shout about and to celebrate. Lets celebrate and show and tell that Jesus Christ was born.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Barbara Thorne Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Barbara Thorne
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Reverend Barbara A. Thorne was born again in 1945, at the age of nine and began fulfilling the call of God on her life in 1969. By 1970 she was working in the ministry as the pastor of a small Methodist mission house in Tuscumbia, Alabama. It was during this time that she experienced what most charismatic Christians would call revival.

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