This is a very special time of year – a time to remember the Precious Gift that God gave to us in sending His Son to earth.  It is because of that Baby born in the City of David that we now have the Saviour who is Lord and Christ.

Jesus brought Light into the world – and the Light is still shining.  Yet not everyone follows the Light.  It was the same way the day that Jesus was born and in the days and years that followed.  However, some did follow the Light, and that Light changed the rest of their life.

A group of ancient astronomers were studying the night sky, as they were regularly accustomed to doing.  But this night was different.  This night they saw a new Light in the heavens – a new Star.  This Star was unlike the others they had watched and charted.  This heavenly body was on the move.

Certainly these astronomers had witnessed the movements of comets and asteroids as they darted along their celestial path. So what was different about this new Star?  Why did it catch their attention like none other had done? 

This Star was different because they had been expecting its arrival. Matthew 2.1-2 records that wise men (magi) from the East came to Jerusalem saying “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?  For we have seen His Star at its rising and have come to worship Him.”   How did these wise men even know that there was to be a “King of the Jews”, much less that this Star signalled His arrival?

The Scriptures do not reveal the details about the Magi or how they came to know that a King of the Jews was to come. It is known that these were very learned men (as the name “Magi” suggests). They were experts in interpreting the stars and, being men of intellect, were probably well versed in ancient literature, including Biblical prophecy concerning the coming Messiah.

Regardless of how much the wise men knew or how they arrived at their knowledge concerning the Star that signalled the birth of Christ, one thing is certain: they were searching for Truth and God placed an opportunity before them to receive the Truth.

The Magi could have merely logged their new finding and then proceeded with their astronomical tasks – but they chose to Follow the Light and it changed their life forever. Those wise men made the most important discovery of all time: they found the Saviour of the world – not merely another star or heavenly body. Knowing Jesus brought to their life the Truth and happiness they had been searching for.

What is it that you and I are following? What are we searching for? Are we following after our friends and family? Are we following after the current trends, or things on earth that interest and excite us? Are we following after things we want or need?  Or, are we looking to the True Light and endeavouring to follow it?

While it is fine to enjoy friends and family, and good things that are on earth, we also must realize that people and things can’t do for us what Jesus can do. He is the only one who can answer all our questions, provide all that we need, guide us in the right direction, and make us truly happy.

Jesus said, “I Am the Light of the world. If you follow Me, you won’t be stumbling through the darkness, because you will have the Light that leads to Life” (John 8.12 NLT).

When we follow Jesus, we are following the True Light. When we look to Jesus, follow His ways and follow what He says to do, we won’t stumble in the dark – because Jesus is the Light to our path.

In the Light is the place to be. When all is going well, we should Follow the Light. When things are going not so well or we don’t know what to do, we should Follow the Light. Where there is Light, there is peace, joy, and Blessing.

We can choose to merely make note of the Light we see, and then go on to something else – or, like the wise men, we can recognize the importance of the Light and make it our greatest pursuit.

The Star led the Magi to the Greatest Treasure of all – Jesus, the True Light. Let us also Follow the Light.

First Love Ministries International aka FERVOUR

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